Joker x Face

Joker x Face

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From 12.55 a.m., Tuesdays, 15 January 2019

Fuji on Demand

Yanagi, a middle-aged salaryman, has been at a loss since he was laid off. In Shibuya, he is assaulted by youths who are hunting middle-aged men. A young, mysterious woman called Rugawa turns up suddenly and starts filming this scene with glee. Then the police appear. While they subdue the youth, Rugawa runs away with Yanagi. He thanks her and is about to leave after pausing to catch his breath when she shows him a video site where she has uploaded the earlier scene. Yanagi is shocked. She offers to reward him if he assists her. Despite his hesitation, he is told that his job is to get intimate with Yuriko, an idol with a pure image who will bestow her favours on anyone. Yanagi is trying to enter a love hotel with Yuriko when they are attacked by a masked man all of a sudden. They are tied up with rope and confined in a room. Yanagi calls Rugawa for help but she ignores him. She exults in the growing number of views on her site and directs Yanagi to take the video. When the man pulls off his mask in front of Yuriko, he is revealed to be her manager Shibata. He claims that he is doing this with her future in mind. However, after Rugawa enters the room with her camera, Shibata’s true intentions are exposed and the situation drastically changes. Rugawa runs a video streaming channel called Joker and rakes in money through videos posted on the site. Joker distributes videos which infiltrate troubles that border on crimes. These include as the realities of idols who play the pure and innocent type, scams involving phone calls targeting old women who are easily deceived, and “sakura business” based on matchmaking apps. Many viewers get excited by the clever traps that Rugawa lays. She has no reservations about exposing her subjects as if she is the voice of netizens. What is her motive?

Matsumoto Honoka as Rugawa
Matsuo Satoru as Yanagi
Sudo Ren as Ren
Nagao Mariya as Yuriko (guest star)
Komatsu Toshimasa as Shibata (guest star)
Umezawa Masayo as elderly woman (guest star)
Maruyama Tomomi as elderly woman’s son (guest star)
Ito Yumi as elderly woman’s daughter-in-law (guest star)

Tamada Shinya

Click here for photos from the press conference.


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