Yube wa Otanoshimi deshita ne


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From 1.28 a.m., Wednesdays, 9 January 2019


Satsuki Takumi, is a geek who plays the role of Powder, a female character in the online game Dragon Quest X. He makes friends with a male character Goro, and in an unexpected turn of events, ends up sharing an apartment with him in real life. However, on the first day of their apartment sharing arrangement, the person standing at their meeting place in front of a train station is Okamoto Miyako, a fashion-conscious young woman with dyed brown hair, who looks nothing like Goro. Takumi has to live with the type of woman he is terrible with. But as they have meals together and play Dragon Quest, their feelings begin to change before they even realise it.

Honda Tsubasa as Okamoto Miyako
A fashion-conscious young woman with a flashy appearance. She is a manicurist. She uses the craggy male character Goro in Dragon Quest X and is a serious player who is .
gentlemanly and dependable. She loves combat in the game and her play style is the opposite of the laid-back Powder. She is usually made up. But when she is at home, she wears comfortable home clothes, spectacles and does not have any make-up on.

Okayama Amane as Satsuki Takumi
A geek who works at the book shop, Animate. He uses the tiny female character Powder in Dragon Quest X. He is not good with flashy girls because of a trauma during his student days.

Miyano Mamoru as Onita
The popular shop manager of Animate, where Satsuki Takumi works part-time. He is very enthusiastic and cheerful.

Kakei Miwako as Ayano
Okamoto Miyako’s good friend. She has a boyfriend whom she has been dating for two years.

Ashina Sei as Kuriyama
The manager of the nail salon where Okamoto Miyako works. Although she teases Miyako about sharing an apartment, she keeps an eye on her.

Inaba Yu as Takashi
A handsome, young man with a great personality. He seems to have something to do with Okamoto Miyako, but … …

Fukihara Kota (Final Fantasy XIV Hikari no Otousan, Koe Girl)

Original Work
Yube wa Otanoshimi deshita ne by Kindaichi Renjuro

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