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Black Scandal

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From 11.59 p.m., Thursdays, 4 October 2018


Five years ago, actor Tanashiro Kenjiro apologised all of a sudden at a press conference, and said he was having an affair with popular top actress Fujisaki Sara. He cried as he knelt down on the ground. Beside him, a stunned Sara shouted, “Why are you telling such a lie?!” She was completely innocent. But the media condemned her for being unapologetic to his family. Sara claimed she was not engaging in an affair but her voice was drowned out. Teshigawara Tomokazu, the CEO of the entertainment agency Florite which she belonged to; manager Hanazono Yuko and television producer Goshikinuma Hitoshi coldly watched her from a corner of the room. Makita Kengo, a reporter with the weekly magazine Shukan Seiryu, gleefully took photos of her. The public was fiercely critical of Sara and the media even went after her family. At one point, Sara’s beleaguered mother asked that they forgive her daughter. She poured gasoline and burnt herself to death. The scandal ended Sara’s career in the entertainment industry and made her lose everything including her fiance Teshigawara Junya, the only son of Teshigawara. Now Sara has undergone cosmetic surgery and become a different person. She calls herself Yagami Arisa and works at Florite as a manager. This is the same agency that Sara had once belonged to. A vengeful Arisa vows to push everyone who framed her at the press conference – Teshigawara Tomokazu, Hanazono Yuko and Goshikinuma Hitoshi – into the same hell that she is in. She retaliates by getting the people involved in the plot to hold humiliating press conferences one by one. But shocking facts that no one had imagined are hidden.

Yamaguchi Sayaka as Yagami Arisa
A go-getting manager at the entertainment agency Florite. She is popular with the people around her for offering sound advice to the talents who belong to the agency and doing whatever it takes to achieve objectives. She used to be an actress named Fujisaki Sara who belonged to Florite. She made her debut at the age of 18, steadily honed her craft and reached the height of popularity before 30. However, five years ago, she was suddenly knocked down into the depths of hell due to an unexpected adultery scandal. It ended her career in the entertainment industry and made her lose everything. When she learned the shocking truth that the scandal was a set up, she had her face changed through cosmetic surgery. She took the name Yagami Arisa and infiltrated Florite as a manager. This is all for the purpose of making the people who were involved in the plot, apologise … …

Matsumoto Marika as Fujisaki Sara
A former actress who belonged to Florite. Five years ago, a completely unexpected adultery scandal was reported in a weekly magazine. She was about to hold a press conference to explain the situation, but the actor purported to be her lover, called a press conference to admit their affair. She was relentlessly criticised by the public and obliterated from the entertainment industry. Teshigawara Junya, the only son of Florite’s CEO Teshigawara Tomokazu, was her fiance but they broke up because of this scandal. Her mother, who was troubled over the scandal, committed suicide. She is told the shocking truth that the scandal was a set up and prepares to infiltrate Florite as a manager named Yagami Arisa to take revenge on the people involved in the plot.

Ando Masanobu as Teshigawara Junya
The chief manager of Florite’s First Entertainment Department. The only son of Florite’s CEO Teshigawara Tomokazu, he was once the fiance of Fujisaki Sara. He is popular because he is handsome and also capable. He and Sara were torn apart by the adultery scandal and ended up calling off their engagement. He busies himself with work and intends to take over the CEO position. However, his father tells him that he has no intention to let him take over the company. Unable to accept his father’s decision, he comes up with a strategy and puts it into action.

Matsui Rena as Akutsu Yuina
An actress who belongs to Florite’s First Entertainment Department. She has appeared in many drama series and is the undisputed top actress with five advertising contracts. She learns that her senior Yagami Arisa’s scandal was a set up and informs her. She is concerned about the vengeful Arisa and is the only confidant who helps her. However, there is a shocking truth behind her participation in this revenge.

Hiraiwa Kami as Hanazono Yuko
The chief manager of Florite’s Second Entertainment Department. She used to be the manager in charge of Fujisaki Sara on sets and was one of the key culprits who fabricated and entrapped her in the scandal. She was once a manager who put her talents first. But now she will do whatever it takes in order to make a talent famous. At times, she treats a talent like an object and at the same time mercilessly cast aside anyone who is of no use. Since Sara’s scandal, she has dealings with television producer Goshikinuma Hitoshi behind the scenes to help young actresses get jobs and win their trust.

Namioka Kazuki as Tanashiro Kenjiro
A former actor who belonged to Florite. He was reported as Fujisaki Sara’s lover in the fabricated scandal. After the uproar, he moved to Tanashiro Production, the entertainment agency of his father who is an influential actor. One year after his probation, he makes a comeback.

Kataoka Tsurutaro as Teshigawara Tomokazu
The CEO of Florite who showers the talents who belong to his entertainment agency with extraordinary love and is respected like a father. He tries everything and his marketing skills are the real deal. He took Florite to the top of the entertainment industry in 10 years. Although he is considered the key culprit who invented Fujisaki Sara’s scandal … …

Sato Tomoharu (Black Revenge, Rinshou Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo no Suiri)

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