Winter 2018 Dramas


Koshiji Fubuki Monogatari
Date: From 12.30 p.m., Mondays – Fridays, 8 January 2018
Station: TV Asahi
Scriptwriter: Tatsui Yukari (Mama to Papa ga Ikiru Riyuu, Strawberry Night Series, Konkatsu!)
Genre: Biographical
Cast: Takimoto Miori, Kinami Haruka, Daichi Mao, Ichige Yoshie, Hamada Mari, Omi Toshinori, Watanabe Konomi, Hara Hideko, Miyazaki Yoshiko, Ichikawa Yui, Nakamura Shunsuke, Sasai Eisuke, Ukaji Takashi, Suruga Taro, Otozuki Kei, Sakihi Miyu, Saori
Synopsis: Koshiji Fubuki (Takimoto Miori/Daichi Mao), whose real name was Kono Mihiko, loved singing since she was a child. When she was a teenager, she hated studying and was a tomboy and yet a very pure girl. With the encouragement of her father (Omi Toshinori), she took the Takarazuka Revue’s exam. Although she passed with flying colours, she could not dance and was on the verge of dropping out. However, she was gifted in singing. With her lively nature and the support of senior stars and school mates from the same batch, Fubuki went on to become a top star in male roles. After she left the troupe, she was active as a singer and actress. She worked together with lyricist Iwatani Tokiko (Kinami Haruka/Ichige Yoshie) and from the many chansons she covered such as Edith Piaf’s Hymne à l’amour, she was called the queen of chansons in Japan. She became an extraordinary singer who changed the history of the country’s music scene.

Shiro to Kiiro

Shiro to Kiiro ~ Hawaii to Watashi no Pancake Monogatari
Date: From 28 February 2018 (updated on Mondays – Fridays)
Network: Amazon Prime
Scriptwriters: Okada Yoshikazu (Hiyokko, Kiseki no Hito, Saigo kara Nibanme no Koi Series), Taniguchi Junichiro (Final Life, Hanzai Shokogun Series, Honjitsu was Ohigara mo Yoku)
Cast: Kawaguchi Haruna, Yokohama Ryusei, Yoshikawa Ai, Oda Risa, Nakamura Anne, Yoshizawa Hisashi, Maiko, Koichi Mantaro, Tomita Yasuko, Fuse Eri, Godai Takayuki, Yanagisawa Shingo (guest star), Tokito Saburo, Zaizen Naomi
Synopsis: University student Sawano Nami (Kawaguchi Haruna) lives in Shonan, Kanagawa Prefecture. An encounter in Hawaii makes her decide to bring the popular pancake restaurant Eggs n’ Things to Japan, which sparks a pancake boom in the country. Despite suffering difficulties and setbacks, Nami fulfils her dream, motivated by thoughts of her father as well as the support of family (Tokito Saburo, Zaizen Naomi, Nakamura Anne, Koichi Mantaro) and friends (Yoshikawa Ai, Oda Risa).
Preview: Shiro to Kiiro CM


Date: From 9.00 p.m., Mondays, 15 January 2018
Station: Fuji TV
Scriptwriter: Tokunaga Yuichi (Bokutachi ga Yarimashita, Kirawareru Yuuki, Tantei no Tantei)
Original Work: Kuragehime by Higashimura Akiko
Genre: Love comedy
Cast: Yoshine Kyoko, Seto Koji, Kudo Asuka, Kinami Haruka, Matsui Rena, Uchida Rio, Toyama Eriko, Kaname Jun, Yasui Junpei, Kitaoji Kinya, Koyuki (guest star), Wakamura Mayumi, Eguchi Noriko, Kaku Kento (guest star)
Synopsis: 20-year-old Kurashita Tsukimi (Yoshine Kyoko) became entranced by jellyfishes at an aquarium that her late mother (Koyuki) brought her to during her childhood. She comes to Tokyo from Kagoshima with dreams of becoming an illustrator. However, she avoids contact with the outside world together with a group of female geeks (Kinami Haruka, Matsui Rena, Uchida Rio, Toyama Eriko) who call themselves the Ama-zu. The Ama-zu only immerse in their own world. They regard fashionable people as natural enemies and say they do not need men in their lives. Tsukimi is enjoying life when a pair of siblings show up in front of her. Koibuchi Kuranosuke (Seto Koji), the older brother, is a cross-dressing male who appears to be a very beautiful woman but actually is a handsome playboy. Shu (Kudo Asuka), the younger brother, is the secretary to their father Keiichiro (Kitaoji Kinya) who is an influential Diet lawmaker, and has not had any experience with females. Tsukimi becomes aware of romance with the two of them and a love triangle develops.
Preview: Kuragehime CM

Konda Teru

Konda Teru no Gouhou Recipe
Date: From 6 March 2018
Network: Amazon Prime
Scriptwriters: Inoue Kiyoshi (Seisei Suru Hodo Ai Shiteru), Kanda Yu (Inochi Urimasu, Sauce-san no Koi, Loveho no Ueno-san Series)
Original Work: Konda Teru no Gouhou Recipe by Umada Isuke
Genre: Food comedy
Cast: Ryusei Ryo, Yamamoto Maika, Aoyagi Sho, Kato Shinsuke, Uchiyama Shinji, Kimura Ryo, Honkon, Tsubokura Yoshiyuki, Inaba Yu, Musaka Naomasa, YOUNG DAIS, Komiya Arisa, Shinoda Mariko, Ogi Shigemitsu, Nakano Hideo, Ozawa Hitoshi
Synopsis: Konda Teru (Ryusei Ryo) is a third-year high school student and gang member of the Shimofuriniku-gumi. He lives with death in a world of guns, torture and fighting, but gunpowder smoke can make him think of mackerel grilled with salt. Konda attends school with classmate Haru Maki (Yamamoto Maika). Despite being faced with the dangers to his life and swamped by schoolwork, he takes inspiration from his day and creates exquisite food daily with wild imagination. This food gets him through difficult gang situations, at times sparks love and even saves people’s lives.
Preview: Konda Teru no Gouhou Recipe CM


Sotsugyou Baka-mentary
Date: From 12.59 a.m., Tuesdays, 22 January 2018
Station: NTV
Scriptwriter: Jiro
Genre: School
Cast: Fujii Ryusei, Hamada Takahiro, Maeda Koki, Yoshida Yasunao, Arai Hirofumi
Synopsis: Gaku (Fujii Ryusei), Mao (Hamada Takahiro), Koki (Maeda Koki) and Jun (Yoshida Yasunao) are a group of fourth-year students who attend Japan’s most elite university. They have 90 days to graduation after days of constant studying. Greatly inspired to become men by the time they graduate, they meet girls who are ideal in their own opinion. At times they collide, at others, they fail or forget their objective? They keep having hard struggles along with warm friendships.


Final Cut
Date: From 9.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 9 January 2018
Station: Fuji TV
Scriptwriter: Kaneko Arisa (Watashi Kekkon Dekinai Janakute Shinain desu, Boku no Tsuma o Kekkon Shite Kudasai, Hanamoyu)
Genre: Revenge
Cast: Kamenashi Kazuya, Hashimoto Kanna, Kuriyama Chiaki, Hayashi Kento, Takaki Yuya, Fujiki Naohito, Yatsui Ichiro, Sugimoto Tetta, Yuki Nae, Tsurumi Shingo, Masu Takeshi, Mizuno Miki, Sasaki Kuranosuke
Synopsis: The mother (Yuki Nae) of Nakamura Keisuke (Kamenashi Kazuya) was treated like a criminal in a baby girl’s murder case and this drove her to commit suicide when he was a high school student. 12 years later, Keisuke searches for the real criminal and begins his revenge against the people who pushed his mother into a corner at that time. The staff and presenters involved in gathering information about the case and broadcasting it as well as the two beautiful sisters Ogawara Yukiko (Kuriyama Chiaki) and Wakaba (Hashimoto Kanna) who hold the key to the truth of the case. However, he ends up falling in love with one of them.
Preview: Final Cut Introduction

Kimi ga Kokoro ni Sumitsuita

Kimi ga Kokoro ni Sumitsuita
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 16 January 2018
Station: TBS
Scriptwriters: Yoshizawa Tomoko (Anata no Koto was Sorehodo, Damena Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai, Dr DMAT), Tokuo Koji (Aino Kekkon Soudanjo, Thrill Series, Konkatsu Deka)
Original Work: Kimi ga Kokoro ni Sumitsuita by Tendo Kirin
Genre: Romance
Cast: Yoshioka Riho, Kiritani Kenta, Ishibashi Anna, Muro Tsuyoshi, Suzuki Sarina, Seto Asaka, Mukai Osamu
Synopsis: Ogawa Kyoko (Yoshioka Riho) works for the materials division of a lingerie maker. She is nicknamed Kyodoko because of her timidly suspicious behaviour in front of other people due to her extremely low self-esteem. Kyoko wavers between two charming men who have contrasting personalities. One of them is her handsome senior Hoshina Ren (Mukai Osamu) from university. She relied solely on him and clung to him because he was the first to accept her even though he went too far and gave her cruel commands. Kyoko kept her distance for a while. However, he continued contacting her. Her strong dependence on him is resurrected when they meet again at her company. The other man is Yoshizaki Kojiro (Kiritani Kenta), a manga editor. He does not hesitate to aim harsh words at everyone. But beneath this is a kind, sincere man. He is unable to thrust aside Kyoko who comes at him with outrageous speech and behaviour, and unintentionally ends up helping her. Kyoko wonders whether he will be able to change her and is strongly drawn to him. And yet she cannot resist Hoshina’s “clutches”.
Preview: Kimi ga Kokoro ni Sumitsuita CM


Kakegurui Season 1
Date: From 1.28 a.m., Wednesdays, 17 January 2018
Station: TBS
Scriptwriters: Takano Minato, Hanabusa Tsutomu
Original Work: Kakegurui by Kawamoto Homura
Genre: School
Cast: Hamabe Minami, Takasugi Mahiro, Morikawa Aoi, Nakagawa Taishi, Nakamura Yurika, Mito Natsume, Matsuda Ruka, Okamoto Natsumi, Yamoto Yuma, Matsumoto Kiyo, Yanagi Miki
Synopsis: Many sons and daughters of influential figures in the political and business circles attend Hyakkaou Private Academy. The hierarchy of the students are determined by their strength in gambling. The winners call the shots while the losers become slaves. One day, a mysterious, beautiful girl Jabami Yumeko (Hamabe Minami) transfers to the academy. She appears to be graceful and ladylike but is actually a gambling addict who gets a thrill out of taking risks. Once Yumeko starts gambling, she destroys her opponents with extraordinary perceptiveness and memory.
Preview: Kakegurui Season 1 CM

Furin Shokudo

Furin Shokudo
Date: From 6.00 p.m., Wednesdays, 7 March 2018
Station: Fuji On Demand
Scriptwriter: Kanazawa Tatsuya (Lucky Seven, Hammer Session)
Original Work: Furin Shokudo by Yamaguchi Masakazu
Genre: Food comedy
Cast: Tanaka Kei, Adachi Yumi, Konno Anna, Hakase Mai, Iwasa Mayuko
Synopsis: 35-year-old Yamadera Ryuichi (Tanaka Kei) is a married man with a child and works for a company in Tokyo. He thrives on exploring the local cuisine at the places he goes for business trips. He meets beautiful married women wherever he goes and even though he is only supposed to have a delicious meal, he finds himself sleeping together with them … …


Byplayers Season 2 ~ Moshimo Meiwakiyaku ga TV Tokyo Dora de Mujinto Seikatsu Shitara
Date: From 9.54 p.m., Wednesdays, 7 February 2018
Station: TV Tokyo
Scriptwriters: Fujiki Mitsuhiko (Byplayers Season 1, Asunaro San San Nana Byoushi), Miyamoto Takeshi (Prison Hotel, Byplayers Season 1)
Genre: Comedy
Cast: Endo Kenichi, Osugi Ren, Taguchi Tomorow, Matsushige Yutaka, Mitsuishi Ken, Kita Kana, Honda Miu, Yoshida Yo, Okada Masaki, Komoto Masahiro, Nomaguchi Toru, Morishita Yoshiyuki, Yakusho Koji, Kohinata Fumiyo, Terajima Shinobu (guest star), Denden (guest star), Itaya Yuka (guest star), Toda Naho (guest star), Minemura Rie (guest star), Fuse Eri (guest star), Mabuchi Erika (guest star), Oshima Yoko (guest star)
Synopsis: Five supporting actors (Endo Kenichi, Osugi Ren, Taguchi Tomorow, Matsushige Yutaka, Mitsuishi Ken) who end up co-starring in TV Tokyo’s morning drama Shimakko-san, get the location for the filming wrong and drift to an uninhabited island where they are forced into a life of survival.
Preview: Byplayers Season 2 Teaser
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Date: From 10.00 p.m., Wednesdays, 10 January 2018
Station: NTV
Scriptwriter: Sakamoto Yuji (Quartet, Mondai no Aru Restaurant, Saikou no Rikon Series)
Genre: Family
Cast: Hirose Suzu, Kobayashi Satomi, Abe Sadao, Eita, Hino Shohei, Tanaka Yuko
Synopsis: 19-year-old Tsujisawa Harika (Hirose Suzu) who has lost her family, strayed from society and even lost sight of how to live, meets an elderly woman Hayashida Anone (Tanaka Yuko). The two of them have been deceived and betrayed such that they no longer trust people. However, they soon feel something mutual and the woman shelters the girl. A fake family, fake life and fake memories … … Then an incident occurs.
Preview: Anone CM


Bakumatsu Gurume Bushimeshi Season 2
Date: From 11.00 p.m., Wednesdays, 10 January 2018
Station: NHK BS Premium
Scriptwriter: Sakurai Tsuyoshi (Omotesando Koukou Gasshobu, Genkai Shuraku Kabushikigaisha, Marumo no Okite Series)
Original Work: Kinban Gurume Bushimeshi by Tsuchiyama Shigeru
Genre: Period
Cast: Seto Koji, Sakai Wakana, Kiriyama Ren, Miyoshi Ayaka, Kasahara Hideyuki, Hagiwara Minori, Wakayama Kirato, Toda Keiko, Tokui Yu, Kunihiro Tomiyuki, Hirata Mitsuru, Kusakari Masao
Synopsis: Sakata Banshiro (Seto Koji), a cowardly samurai, is visiting Edo in the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate as he takes turns on duty because of his feudal lord’s (Kusakari Masao) processions to and from his alternate residence. He continues to live apart from his family. But unlike his previous naivete, he has a bad feeling for some reason. But of course, Banshiro cannot enjoy. He is stuck with Seinosuke-sama, the damned heir of his lord, and in dire distress. To make things worse, he is sold to a rival domain which is seen as an enemy, for 5 ryo and forced to become a labourer. Furthermore, his lord has given him a secret order to spy on the rival domain and even his wife Suzu (Miyoshi Ayaka) has become entangled in this fight. Banshiro reluctantly has to be a spy. But without martial arts or classical scholarship, his weapon of choice is of course cooking. Will he be able to save the Takano domain with his beloved wife’s cooking which brings her pride?
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BG ~ Shinpen Keigonin Season 1
Date: From 9.00 p.m., Thursdays, 18 January 2018
Station: TV Asahi
Scriptwriter: Inoue Yumiko (Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu Series, Hirugao, Pandora Series)
Genre: Action
Cast: Kimura Takuya, Saito Takumi, Nanao, Mamiya Shotaro, Mitsushima Shinnosuke, Tanaka Kanau, Kamikawa Takaya, Ishida Yuriko, Eguchi Yosuke, Nagashima Toshiyuki, Ukaji Takashi, Abe Shinnosuke, Katsuji Ryo (guest star), Ibu Masato (guest star), Denden (guest star), Otsuka Nene (guest star), Tanaka Tetsushi (guest star), Nishimura Masahiko (guest star), Miyoshi Ayaka (guest star), Nakao Akira (guest star), Hashizume Isao (guest star), Nakamura Yuri (guest star), Toyoshima Hana (guest star), Yamaguchi Tomoko (guest star)
Synopsis: Shimazaki Akira (Kimura Takuya) is a former bodyguard who became the security officer of a construction site as a result of some incident. Even when he makes the decision to return to being a bodyguard at private security firm Hinode Security Services’ newly established Personal Protection Division headed by Murata Goro (Kamikawa Takaya), he hides his past and arrives as a new bodyguard just like the other members Takanashi Masaya (Saito Takumi), Suganuma Mayu (Nanao) and Sawaguchi Seitaro (Mamiya Shotaro).
Preview: BG Teaser


Tonari no Kazoku wa Aoku Mieru
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Thursdays, 18 January 2018
Station: Fuji TV
Scriptwriter: Nakatani Mayumi (Jimi ni Sugoi Series, Dear Sister, Last Cinderella)
Genre: Family
Cast: Fukada Kyoko, Matsuyama Kenichi, Hirayama Hiroyuki, Takahashi Maryjun, Kitamura Takumi, Mashima Hidekazu, Matobu Sei, Nomaguchi Toru, Suga Kenta, Ito Sairi, Maehara Ko, Harumi Shiho, Ito Kazue, Hashimoto Manami, Takahata Atsuko
Synopsis: Scuba diving instructor Igarashi Nana (Fukada Kyoko) is married to Daiki (Matsuyama Kenichi) who works for a mid-sized toy manufacturer. Daiki is a kind but rather undependable husband. The two of them had enjoyed their life together in a small apartment to save funds to buy a home. With their purchase of a “cooperative house”, they start trying to have the baby which Daiki’s mother (Takahata Atsuko) longs for. But it is not easy to conceive a child. Despite becoming acutely aware of how difficult this can be, husband and wife try various means … …


Repeat ~ Unmei o Kaeru Juukagetsu
Date: From 11.59 p.m., Thursdays, 11 January 2018
Station: NTV
Scriptwriter: Izumisawa Yoko (IQ246, Omukae desu, Lunch no Akko-chan)
Original Work: Repeat by Inui Kurumi
Genre: Mystery, time travel
Cast: Kanjiya Shihori, Hongo Kanata, Gori, Shimazaki Haruka, Shimizu Kei, Fukuda Tenkyu, Ino Hiroki, Matsuda Satoshi, Tezuka Satomi, Adachi Yumi (guest star), Rokkaku Seiji
Synopsis: Shinozaki Ayumi (Kanjiya Shihori) receives a strange call telling her that an earthquake will occur one hour from now. She hangs up the phone thinking it was just a prank call. But one hour later, she feels herself sway a little. When she turns on the television, she realises that what the caller said about the time and the epicentre was on the mark. After that, she receives another phone call from the same caller who identifies himself as Kazama (Rokkaku Seiji). He says that he knows what will happen in the future because he went back to a certain spot from the future and made a fresh start in life. Calling this time travel “Repeat”, he invites Ayumi to be his guest. Besides Ayumi, Mori Keisuke (Hongo Kanata) and Tendo Taro (Gori) are among the eight people who have been invited by Kazama to participate in “Repeat”. These eight people who are making a repeat as a result of past regrets, are hit with a series of unanticipated events.


Boku dake ga Inai Machi
Date: From 15 December 2017
Network: Netflix
Scriptwriter: Okubo Tomomi (Mutsuu, Kagi no Nai Yume o Miru, Good Life)
Original Work: Boku dake ga Inai Machi by Sanbe Kei
Genre: Mystery suspense
Cast: Furukawa Yuki, Yuki Mio, Shirasu Jin, Uchikawa Reo, Kakihara Rinka, Eguchi Noriko, Mashima Hidekazu, Totsugi Shigeyuki, Kurotani Tomoka
Synopsis: 29-year-old Fujinuma Satoru (Furukawa Yuki) is a struggling manga artist who has to work part-time to make a living. He possesses a special ability called “revival” which rewinds a scene so that he can prevent “bad things” from happening, but is troubled that it is beyond his control. One day, Fujinuma ends up being pursued as the murderer of his mother Sachiko (Kurotani Tomoka) and is sent back 18 years into the past. He is convinced that the serial killings of children which occurred when he was a fifth-grade elementary school student (Uchikawa Reo) is the cause of her death and chases after the truth.
Preview: Boku dake ga Inai Machi CM


Date: From 22 December 2017 (updated on Fridays) (followed by movie)
Network: dTV
Scriptwriter: Yamaoka Junpei (Shinjuku Seven, Zenigata Keibu Series, Gin to Kin)
Original Work: Funouhan by Miyatsuki Arata
Genre: Suspense
Cast: Matsuzaka Tori, Sawajiri Erika, Mikami Kensei, Nagao Mariya, Suzunosuke, Morioka Yutaka, Nagai Masaru, Megumi, Izawa Yuki, Hiraoka Yuta, Hagiwara Minori, Ito Yumi, Sato Hitomi
Synopsis: Hatred, jealousy, fear – desires which lurk deep within. Usobuki Tadashi (Matsuzaka Tori) is a black-suited killer with red eyes who shows up out of nowhere if someone with strong murderous intent sticks a paper beneath a particular telephone booth. He manipulates people through suggestion and mind control and very easily takes lives without getting his own hands dirty. Those who become his targets will have tragic fates such as the office lady who hides her past while wishing for happiness, the salaryman who can no longer see other people’s hearts because of gambling or the teacher who picks out teenage girls who have runaway from home on online dating sites … …
Preview: Funouhan Introduction

Chase Chapter 1

Chase Chapter 1
Date: From 22 December 2017 (updated on Fridays)
Network: Amazon Prime
Scriptwriter: Fukuda Yasushi (Saki ni Umareta dake no Boku, Doctors Series, Hero Series)
Genre: Suspense
Cast: Otani Ryohei, Honda Tsubasa, Kishitani Goro, Hada Michiko, Kobayashi Katsuya, Hashimoto Jun, Nakamura Kumi, Furuhata Seika, Maeda Otone, Tayama Ryosei, Kato Kazuko, Denden, Shimada Kyusaku, Hirata Mitsuru
Synopsis: Mikami (Otani Ryohei), a journalist, and Mai (Honda Tsubasa), a rookie assistant director of a satellite broadcasting station, close in on the truth of the unsolved serial murders of five little girls which took place 27 years ago. At the time of the murders, DNA analysis dealt a decisive blow and a man was apprehended as the murderer. But there were several contradictory points surrounding this arrest. Mikami and Mai begin re-investigating the cases with doubts about his culpability. They are eventually faced with the chilling truth of false charges and enormous state power. However, they begin to expose the truth which was shrouded in darkness through true journalism.
Preview: Chase Chapter 1 CM


Kareshi o Loan de Kaimashita
Date: From 9 March 2018 (updated on Mondays and Fridays)
Station: dTV & Fuji On Demand
Scriptwriter: Nojima Shinji (Papakatsu, Ame ga Furu to Kimi wa Yasashii, Platonic)
Genre: Romance
Cast: Mano Erina, Yokohama Ryusei, Hisamatsu Ikumi, Ono Yuriko, Fuchikami Yasushi, Hasegawa Kyoko
Synopsis: Ukishima Tae (Mano Erina) works as a receptionist at a company. Her dream is to get married to her elite boyfriend Shiraishi Shunpei (Fuchikami Yasushi) and become a housewife. To fulfil this dream, she pretends to be a quiet, naive girl and hides her real personality. Tae has men charmed and wrapped around her finger. But she is actually outspoken and does not shy away from making cutting remarks. Feeling concerned about the daily stress, she decides to “buy” a boyfriend Setsuna Jun (Yokohama Ryusei) for a monthly fee of 39,800 yen as a stress reliever. In exchange for her taking over his loan, Jun plays the boyfriend who obeys all her commands.
Preview: Kareshi o Loan de Kaimashita CM

Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100
Date: From 1.00 a.m., Fridays, 18 January 2018
Station: TV Tokyo & Netflix
Scriptwriters: Yoshida Reiko, Kunii Kei (Kakuregiku, Kogure Shashinkan, Orthros no Inu)
Original Work: Mob Psycho 100 by ONE
Cast: Hamada Tatsuomi, Namioka Kazuki, Yoda Yuki, Mochizuki Ayumu, Arai Atsushi, Yamaya Kasumi, Moro Morooka, Kubota Yuki, Shiono Akihisa, Fukuyama Kohei, Sakanoue Akane, Nagahama Shin, Kuroishi Takahiro, Suzuki Takayuki, Shirato Tatsuya, Kunishima Naoki, Negishi Takuya, Deai Masayuki, Iwanaga Hiroaki, Mamiya Yuki, Suzunosuke
Synopsis: Kageyama Shigeo (Hamada Tatsuomi) is a reserved, ordinary second-year junior high school student. Nicknamed Mob, he is not good at studying and sports. But he was born with a tremendous supernatural power. Mob wants to lead a normal life without relying on his supernatural power and joins a physical improvement club to change himself. However, strange people with supernatural powers appear and cause all sorts of incidents which even Mob gets mixed up in. Although Mob does not want to use his supernatural ability as much as possible, it climbs to 100% in his state of heightened emotions, and breaks loose.
Preview: Mob Psycho CM

Ooka Echizen 4

Ooka Echizen Season 4
Date: From 8.00 p.m., Fridays, 12 January 2018
Station: NHK BS Premium
Scriptwriters: Onishi Kenichi (Bokura Series, Tenshi no Knife, Rinjo Series), Izumi Rei (Kozure Shinbei Series), Ikeda Masayuki, Onishi Nobuyuki (Ooka Echizen Series)
Genre: Period
Cast: Higashiyama Noriyuki, Terawaki Yasufumi, Mimura, Kondo Yoshimasa, Ishii Masanori, Kanayama Kazuhiko, Yamazaki Yuta, Kato Rai, Katsumura Masanobu, Takahashi Choei, Terada Minori, Matsubara Chieko, Hira Takehiro, Tsugawa Masahiko
Synopsis: Ooka Echizen (Higashiyama Noriyuki) was an Edo magistrate who supported the Kyoho Reforms advanced by the eighth shogun, Tokugawa Yoshimune (Hira Takehiro). Other than administrating the the town of Edo, Ooka also had a seat on the judicial council, managed local government affairs as well as temples and shrines. He punished evil that brought suffering to the common people, making judicial decisions with humanity and fairness that came to be known as “Ooka Sabaki”.
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Kakuho no Onna ~ Kanagawa Kenkei Tokumei Sousa
Date: From 8.00 p.m., Fridays, 19 January 2018
Station: TV Tokyo
Scriptwriter: Hata Takehiko (Soshite Daremo Inakunate, Dandarin, Unfair Series)
Genre: Detective
Cast: Natori Yuko, Aso Yumi, Takahashi Katsunori, Yoshizawa Hisashi, Koseki Yuta, Konno Hiroki, Shikanuma Yuki, Suga Yusuke, Watanabe Ikkei, Ito Shiro, Sato Atsuhiro, Ikeuchi Mansaku, Suga Yusuke
Synopsis: Miura Aya (Aso Yumi) is a detective who has always fought cases on the front line and worked her way up. Hojo Yuriko (Natori Yuko) is an elite police officer in HR who has always done office work in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. They are complete opposites in their values and fields of expertise. Then Yuriko gets an unusual transfer from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to the Kanagawa Prefectural Police. What special mission has she been charged with?


Joshiteki Seikatsu
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Fridays, 5 January 2018
Station: NHK
Scriptwriter: Sakaguchi Riko (Watashi o Mitsukete, Ishitachi no Renai Jijou, Kekkon Shinai)
Original Work: Joshiteki Seikatsu by Sakaki Tsukasa
Cast: Shison Jun, Machida Keita, Tamai Shiori, Hyonri, Koshiba Fuka, Haba Yuichi, Shukugawa Atom, Suzuki Keiichi, Kusumi Kaoru, Komatsu Takeyoshi, Maeda Aki (guest star), Nakajima Hiroki (guest star), Nishihara Satsuki (guest star), Yamamura Momiji (guest star), Suzuki Hiroki (guest star), Honda Hirotaro (guest star), Tsuchimura Kaho (guest star), Yamaguchi Shogo (guest star)
Synopsis: Ogawa Miki (Shison Jun) is an office lady who came to Kobe from the countryside and works for an online fashion company. But she has a big secret. Miki is transgender. Her gender is male but she looks like a slender, beautiful female. However, it is females and not males that she likes. One day, a former classmate Goto Tadaomi (Machida Keita) comes to live with Miki. Goto is bewildered by Miki’s appearance but they end up living together through a strange turn of events. All sorts of potential daily uncertainties which happen to Miki fluster Goto, but Miki just knocks them out with great self-confidence.


Date: From 10.00 p.m., Fridays, 12 January 2018
Station: TBS
Scriptwriter: Nogi Akiko (Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu, Juhan Shuttai!, Soratobu Kouhoushitsu)
Genre: Medical mystery
Cast: Ishihara Satomi, Iura Arata, Kubota Masataka, Ichikawa Mikako, Ryusei Ryo, Kitamura Yukiya, Fukushi Seiji, Okura Koji, Ikeda Tetsuhiro, Ogasawara Kai, Iio Kazuki, Matsushige Yutaka, Yakushimaru Hiroko, Fukikoshi Mitsuru (guest star), Nukumizu Yoichi (guest star), Toda Naho (guest star), Ibu Masato (guest star)
Synopsis: Misumi Mikoto (Ishihara Satomi) is only one out of approximately 170 registered forensic pathologists in Japan. She has 1,500 autopsies under her belt and trained as an associate professor at medical school. Mikoto arrived at the newly established Unnatural Death Investigation (UDI) Lab four months ago. People who died of unnatural causes are constantly brought to the UDI which has assembled specialists in determining such causes of death. The team members are fellow forensic pathologist Nakado Kei (Iura Arata), records officer Kube Rokuro (Kubota Matsutaka), lab technician Shoji Yuko (Ichikawa Mikako) and director Kamikura Yasuo (Matsushige Yutaka).
Teaser: Unnatural CM

Holiday Love

Holiday Love
Date: From 11.15 p.m., Fridays, 26 January 2018
Station: TV Asahi
Scriptwriter: Watanabe Chiho (Uchi no Otto wa Shigoto ga Dekinai, Beppin-san, Kohiya no Hitobito)
Original Work: Holiday Love by Koyama Yukari
Genre: Love suspense
Cast: Naka Riisa, Tsukamoto Takashi, Nakamura Tomoya, Matsumoto Marika, Yamada Yuki, Iijima Hiroki, Okada Ryutaro, Mitsuya Yoko, Dan Mitsu, Hiraoka Yuta
Synopsis: Takamori Azu (Naka Riisa) discovers that her husband Junpei (Tsukamoto Takashi) whom she trusts more than anyone else, is having an affair. Her peaceful everyday life suddenly transforms into days of endless worry. After an internal struggle, she decides to trust in him again. Junpei also rediscovers his love for her and the two of them are about to get back together again. However, each time they try to do that, they would be faced with all sorts of difficulties caused by her husband’s mistress Izutsu Rina (Matsumoto Marika).

Saigo no Bangohan

Saigo no Bangohan
Date: From 11.30 p.m., Fridays, 12 January 2018
Station: BS Japan
Scriptwriters: Matsui Kana (Ito-kun A to E, Sachi no Otera Gohan, Princess Maison), Meriyama Momoka (Wakakozake Seasons 2 & 3)
Original Work: Saigo no Bangohan by Fushino Michiru
Genre: Food
Cast: Nakamura Yuichi, Sugiura Taiyo, Shinoda Saburo, Matsuda Satoshi (guest star), Yonehara Kosuke (guest star), Hasegawa Naomi (guest star), Okada Yoshinori (guest star), Ishii Masanori (guest star)
Synopsis: A young actor Igarashi Kairi (Nakamura Yuichi) is forced to take a break from entertainment activities following a fabricated scandal. He goes back to his hometown of Ashiya in Hyogo Prefecture where he is saved by Natsugami Ryuji (Sugiura Taiyo), the owner of Banmeshiya, a set meal restaurant. Leaving the acting profession behind, he begins to work at Banmeshiya but the customers who come to the restaurant are ghosts?! As Igarashi helps out at the shop, he ends up searching for the last dinner which will make the ghosts which visit every night rest in peace.
Preview: Saigo no Bangohan CM

Oh My Jump!

Oh My Jump! ~ Shonen Jump ga Chikyuu o Tsukuu
Date: From 12.12 a.m., Saturdays, 13 January 2018
Station: TV Tokyo
Scriptwriters: Nemoto Nonji (Otoko no Misao, Izakaya Fuji, Gin to Kin), Saijo Mitsutoshi, Yokomaku Tomohiro (Otoko no Misao, Smoking Gun), Awashima Zuimaro (Izakaya Fuji), Moriguchi Yusuke (Daisho, Keishichou Sousa Ichi Kachou)
Genre: Comedy
Cast: Ito Atsushi, Baba Toru, Yanagi Shuntaro, Saiki Shigeru, Yamazaki Moka, Ikoma Rina, Sato Hitomi, Terawaki Yasufumi
Synopsis: 34-year-old salary man Tsukiyama Hiroshi (Ito Atsushi) comes across a secret club where people who love Shukan Shonen Jump gather and chat about Jump’s famous manga, popular episodes and favourite characters. As Tsukiyama comes in contact with these people, he is slowly influenced by them and begins to change. Tsukiyama who is drawn to heroes, and the other members soon come out to discover that they are involved in a global calamity?!
Preview: Oh My Jump! CM

Inochi Urimasu

Inochi Urimasu
Date: From 9.00 p.m., Saturdays, 13 January 2018
Station: BS Japan
Scriptwriters: Koyama Shota (3-nin no Papa, Fukigenna Kajitsu, Ishitachi no Renai Jijou), Obayashi Rieko (Good Morning Call Series, Koekoi, Kari Kare)
Original Work: Inochi Urimasu by Mishima Yukio
Cast: Nakamura Aoi, Maeda Oshiro, Taguchi Hiromasa, YOU, Tanaka Min, Hashimoto Manami (guest star), Osugi Ren (guest star), Sakai Wakana (guest star), Tanimura Mitsuki (guest star), Morimoto Reo (guest star), Dan Mitsu (guest star), Matsushita Yuki (guest star)
Synopsis: From a life insurance salesman, Yamada Hanio (Nakamura Aoi) changed occupations to work at an advertising agency as a copywriter. He had a good background, salary which others probably envied. But one day while walking on his regular route to work, he tries to take his own life all of a sudden. However, he does not succeed. This makes him start a business selling lives. He begins to face up to life as he responds to the series of very bizarre requests which he unexpectedly gets.
Preview: Inochi Urimasu CM

Momikeshite Fuyu

Momikeshite Fuyu ~ Wagaya no Mondai Nakatta Koto ni
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 13 January 2018
Station: NTV
Scriptwriter: Kaneko Shigeki (Boku Unmei no Hito desu, Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi, Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu)
Genre: Comedy
Cast: Yamada Ryosuke, Haru, Ozawa Yukiyoshi, Kotaki Nozomu, Chiba Yudai, Tsunematsu Yuri, Kojima Kazuya, Asano Kazuyuki, Nakamura Baijaku
Synopsis: The Kitazawa siblings are elites. Shusaku (Yamada Ryosuke), the youngest, became a police officer with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department after graduating from Tokyo University. His older sister Chiaki (Haru) is a lawyer and his older brother Hirofumi (Ozawa Yukiyoshi) is a heart surgeon. Together, they solve problems, holding strategy meetings at secret family meetings. But it is only cases which threaten family peace that they do all they can to solve.
Preview: Momikeshite Fuyu CM


Haru ga Kita
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 13 January 2018
Station: WOWOW
Scriptwriter: Yoshida Yayoi
Original Work: Haru ga Kita by Mukoda Kuniko
Genre: Family
Cast: Kai (EXO), Kurashina Kana, Furuhata Seika, Kentaro, Takada Shoko, Takahata Atsuko, Sano Shiro
Synopsis: Kishigawa Naoko (Kurashina Kana), a sales staff who works in a department store’s lingerie department, is a plain, dull 31-year-old. One day, she meets a Korean photographer Lee Ji Won (Kai) through an unexpected turn of events. The secrets in her ordinary family (Takahata Atsuko, Sano Shiro, Furuhata Seika) slowly come out into the open as a result of his presence.
Preview: Haru ga Kita CM

Black Bird

Bye Bye, Blackbird
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 17 February 2018
Station: WOWOW
Scriptwriter: Suzuki Kenichi (Akuryo Byoto, Irodori Himura)
Original Work: Bye Bye, Blackbird by Isaka Kotaro
Cast: Kora Kengo, Shirota Yu, Ishibashi Anna, Itaya Yuka, Maeda Atsuko, Usuda Asami, Seki Megumi, Matsumura Yuki, Maruyama Tomomi, Okamura Izumi, Saito Yosuke, Agata Morio
Synopsis: Hoshino Kazuhiko (Kora Kengo) falls in love with the women he meets and dates them. Before he realises it, he is seeing five women (Ishibashi Anna, Itaya Yuka, Maeda Atsuko, Usuda Asami, Seki Megumi) all at once. His fate is to be whisked by “that bus” to a place where human life is quite impossible as settlement of a large debt to “some organisation”. Hoshino’s wish is to bid farewell to his five girlfriends before he is taken away by “that bus”. The person overseeing him is the strange-looking and caustic Mayumi (Shirota Yu). And so, in the company of Mayumi, Hoshino begins telling the women he loved good bye.

Ashita no Kimi

Asu no Kimi ga Motto Suki
Date: From 11.05 p.m., Saturdays, 20 January 2018
Station: TV Asahi
Scriptwriter: Izawa Man (Dousoukai, Hyouten)
Genre: Romance
Cast: Ichihara Hayato, Ito Ayumi, Shirasu Jin, Morikawa Aoi, Shida Mirai, Mita Yoshiko, Yanagiba Toshiro, Watanabe Dai, Osawa Ken, Ayata Toshiki, Shinagawa Toru, Komatsu Kazushige, Shaku Yumiko
Synopsis: Matsuo Ryo (Ichihara Hayato) is a landscape garden designer who quite openly says that females are trouble and is cool to romance. Satokawa Akane (Ito Ayumi) is a secretary who keeps having relationships with useless men and is at the point of giving up on love. Shirosaki Haruhi (Shirasu Jin) is a new employee at Akane’s company who has another side in complete contrast to his friendly character. Tanno Kaoru (Morikawa Aoi) works at a factory in the day and a girls bar at night while troubled by her sexual identity. These four do not have it easy in love. Furthermore, Akane’s younger sister Kuroda Azusa (Shida Mirai) who stole her boyfriend Kuroda Tomohiro (Watanabe Dai) and went on to marry him, gets involved in their romances.
Preview: Asu no Kimi ga Motto Suki Teaser

Kazoku no Tabiji

Kazoku no Tabiji ~ Kazoku o Korosareta Otoko to Koroshita Otoko
Date: From 11.40 p.m., Saturdays, 3 February 2018
Station: Fuji TV
Scriptwriter: Izumi Rei (Kozure Shinbei Series, Shiawase no Jikan)
Original Work: Chichi to Ko no Tabiji by Kosugi Kenji
Genre: Suspense
Cast: Takizawa Hideaki, Tanimura Mitsuki, Yokoyama Megumi, Masuoka Toru, Ishino Yoko, Hasegawa Jun, Meguro Yuki, Kobayashi Takashika, Ishimaru Kenjiro, Asaka Mayumi, Kataoka Tsurutaro (guest star), Endo Kenichi
Synopsis: Asari Yusuke (Takizawa Hideaki) is a young lawyer whose parents and grandfather were brutally murdered 30 years ago when he was an infant and he was left at the gruesome murder scene. This case spurred him to become a lawyer. However, one day, Yusuke is asked by a woman (Tanimura Mitsuki) to exonerate the criminal (Endo Kenichi) who had been wrongfully sentenced to death. He approaches the retrial with a sense of mission as a lawyer. Shocking facts are revealed one after another but it all concerns Yusuke himself. It makes him question who exactly he is and shakes his sense of mission and his feelings.
Preview: Kazoku no Tabiji CM

Denei Shojo

Denei Shojo ~ Video Girl AI 2018
Date: From 12.20 a.m., Sundays, 13 January 2018
Station: TV Tokyo
Scriptwriter: Kiyasu Kohei (Ito-kun A to E, Sayonara Enari-kun, Tokuyama Daigoro o Dare ga Koroshita ka?)
Original Work: Denei Shojo by Katsuragi Masakazu
Genre: Sci-fi romance
Cast: Nomura Shuhei, Nishino Nanase, Iitoyo Marie, Shimizu Hiroya, Otomo Karen, Totsugi Shigeyuki, Murakami Jun
Synopsis: Moteuchi Sho (Nomura Shuhei) is an ordinary high school student who secretly likes his beautiful classmate Shibahara Nanami (Iitoyo Marie). However, she fancies his good friend Furuya Tomoaki (Shimizu Hiroya). Things do not go well both at home and at school. Sho’s parents divorce and he has to stay at the house of his father’s young brother Moteuchi Yota (Totsugi Shigeyuki). One day, Sho discovers an old, damaged videocassette recorder in his uncle’s storeroom. He seems drawn to the recorder and struggles to repair it. Then a video suddenly starts to play and a mysterious girl called Video Girl Ai (Nishino Nanase) appears. She jumps out from the screen and Sho finds himself living together with her … …
Preview: Denei Shojo CM


Date: From 7.58 p.m., Sundays, 7 January 2018
Station: NHK
Scriptwriter: Nakazono Miho (Totto Terebi, Doctor X Series, Dr Rintaro)
Original Work: Sego-don by Hayashi Mariko
Genre: Period
Cast: Suzuki Ryohei, Eita, Kuroki Haru, Sakuraba Nanami, Watabe Gota, Tsukaji Muga, Kazama Morio, Hirata Mitsuru, Matsuzaka Keiko, Kitagawa Keiko, Takanashi Rin, Kitamura Yukiya, Takahashi Mitsuomi, Horii Arata, Sawamura Ikki, Koyanagi Rumiko, Kaga Takeshi, Aoki Munetaka, Toda Naho, Tokui Yu, Watanabe Ken, Nikaido Fumi, Nishikido Ryo, Mimura, Itoda Jun, Tanaka Michiko, Fujiki Naohito, Onoe Kikunosuke, Matayoshi Naoki, Minamino Yoko, Ryu Raita, Sano Shiro, Ibu Masato, Matsuda Shota, Kazama Shunsuke, Izumi Pinko, Tsuda Kanji, Emoto Akira, Akiyama Natsuko, Takahashi Tsutomu, Tanida Ayumi, Kondo Yoshimasa, Kiuchi Midori, Sato Anna, Saito Yoshiki, Oshima Yoko, Ishibashi Renji, Uchida Yuki, Kondo Haruna, Machida Keita, Kunihiro Tomiyuki, Endo Kenichi, Tamayama Tetsuji, Shofukutei Tsurube, Oguri Shun, Mizukawa Asami, Yamaguchi Shogo, Hamano Kenta, Hayashiya Shozo, Fujimoto Takahiro, Sakoda Takaya, Kashiwabara Shuji, Kashiwagi Yuki, Kamikawa Shusaku, Izumisawa Yuki, Tanoue Kokichi, Jo Kairi, Imai Yuki, Kamishiraishi Mone, Sakaki Hideo, Shinohara Yushin, Mochinaga Yuho, Maekawa Yuki, Nomura Mannojo, Oshinari Shugo, Murakami Shingo, Shibukawa Kiyohiko, Onoue Hiroyuki, Nomura Manzo
Synopsis: Saigo Takamori (Suzuki Ryohei), the hero of the Meiji Restoration, was born to a poor, low-ranking samurai family (Kazama Morio, Matsuzaka Keiko, Sakuraba Nanami, Watabe Gota) in the Satsuma domain (present day Kagoshima Prefecture). His simple honesty caught the attention of its charismatic feudal lord of Satsuma, Shimazu Nariakira (Watanabe Ken). Nariakira’s assertion that the love of people is what will enrich and strengthen the nation captivated Saigo who took on Nariakira’s secret mission and eventually became a key person for Satsuma. Not a portrait of him survives today and much of his life is a mystery. He is a man who was twice exiled and thrice married. He overthrew the Tokugawa Shogunate with exceptional bravery and action. Although he accomplished the restoration, he lost his life in a fight with the new Meiji government.
Preview: Sego-don CM


99.9 ~ Keiji Senmon Bengoshi Season 2
Date: From 9.00 p.m., Sundays, 14 January 2018
Station: TBS
Scriptwriter: Uda Manabu (Borderline, Tokyo Airport, Lucky Seven)
Genre: Legal
Cast: Matsumoto Jun, Kagawa Teruyuki, Kimura Fumino, Aoki Munetaka, Katagiri Jin, Magy, Babazono Azusa, Baba Toru, Emi Kurara, Ikeda Takafumi, Kishii Yukino, Watanabe Makiko, Fujimoto Takahiro, Shuto Yasuyuki, Okuda Eiji, Shofukutei Tsurube, Kishibe Ittoku, Kondo Yoshimasa (guest star), Fujimoto Takahiro (guest star), Watanabe Makiko (guest star), Kiyohara Kaya (guest star), Enoki Takaaki (guest star), Ryu Raita (guest star), Yashiba Toshihiro (guest star), Higa Manami (guest star)
Synopsis: The conviction rate for criminal cases in Japan is 99.9%. Miyama Hiroto (Matsumoto Jun) is a young, unconventional lawyer at Madarame Law Firm. He fixates on the remaining 0.1% and pursues the truth until he is satisfied. His buddy is Sada Atsuhiro (Kagawa Teruyuki), an ace in civil cases. The two of them clash with each other as they expose the hidden truth in the cases which they undertake. Ozaki Maiko (Kimura Fumino) stepped down as a judge as a result of some incident and has distanced herself from the legal field. One day, she accompanies a good friend to the law firm and has a differing opinion to Miyama. Sada who knows about Maiko’s outstanding background, recruits her. Despite Maiko’s initial reluctance and clashes with Miyama, she eventually decides to come back to the legal circle as a lawyer and joins the firm.
Preview: 99.9 ~ Keiji Senmon Bengoshi Season 2 CM
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Heisei Sasameyuki

Heisei Sasameyuki
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 7 January 2018
Station: NHK BS Premium
Scriptwriter: Horai Ryuta (Cold Case, The Quiz Show)
Original Work: Sasameyuki by Tanizaki Junichiro
Cast: Nakayama Miho, Takaoka Saki, Ito Ayumi, Nakamura Yuri, Fukushi Seiji, Emoto Tasuku, Komoto Masahiro, Kamio Yu, Hamada Mari, Mizuhashi Kenji (guest star), Matsuo Suzuki (guest star), Ishiguro Ken (guest star), Kumagai Mami, Muro Tsuyoshi (guest star), Nagatsuka Kyozo (guest star)
Synopsis: In the spring of 1992, the Makioka family, an important family representative of Osaka Senba, passes on its company, ending a history that dates back to the Genroku period almost 300 years ago. And so, four sisters who had lived in the lap of luxury, begin new lives. The eldest sister Tsuruko (Nakayama Miho) tries to live proudly with memories of the family’s past glory in her heart. But reality will not let her have her way. Second sister Sachiko (Takaoka Saki) is contented with her kindhearted husband but at the mercy of the baffling behaviours of her two younger sisters. Third sister Yukiko (Ito Ayumi) is expected to marry. However, she has already had over 20 unsuccessful matchmaking sessions because of her propensity to first notice people’s flaws. Fourth sister Taeko (Nakamura Yuri) hates the family’s restrictions. She is a free spirit and has had many romances. One night, Taeko gets caught in a typhoon which hit the Kansai region. This dramatically sets the destinies of the four sisters in motion.


Kansayaku Nozaki Shuhei
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 14 January 2018
Station: WOWOW
Scriptwriter: Maekawa Yoichi (Akira to Akira, Shizumanu Taiyo, Lady Joker)
Original Work: Kansayaku Nozaki Shuhei by Shu Ryoka
Genre: Corporate
Cast: Oda Yuji, Matsushima Nanako, Kishitani Goro, Furuya Ikkou, Santamaria Yusuke, Takimoto Miori, Suruga Taro, Kobayashi Katsuya, Miura Masaki, Riju Go, Matsuo Toru, Koichi Mantaro, Honda Hirotaro, Katsube Nobuyuki, Tajima Reiko, Yamamoto Kei, Komoto Masahiro, Nishida Naomi, Ukaji Takashi, Mitsuishi Ken
Synopsis: It is the late 1990s where the banking industry faces the collapse of the bubble economy and a “financial big bang” which would make the financial regulator dramatically shift its existing policies. Nozaki Shuhei (Oda Yuji) is the general manager of Ozora Bank’s Jizodori branch and has endeared himself to employees and the townspeople due to his righteousness and empathy. But he is a long way from an employee leading life in the fast track. One day, Nozaki is informed that he has been promoted to an auditor along with the closure of the bank’s branch. He witnesses wrongdoings in Ozora Bank firsthand and makes up his mind to change it. Nozaki soon comes up against the “ultimate darkness” faced by the bank. And the shadow of current bank president Kyogoku Masahiko (Furuya Ikko). The people against Nozaki are hotshot banker Takeda Shingo (Kishitani Goro) whom Kyogoku recalled from secondment, and the ambitious Tachikawa Shoko (Matsushima Nanako) who aims to be Ozora Bank’s first female board director. A fiery battle is waged within the bank.
Preview: Kansayaku Nozaki Shuhei CM

Wagaya no Mondai

Wagaya no Mondai
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 4 February 2018
Station: NHK BS Premium
Scriptwriters: Iino Yoko (Kyuumei Byoto 24-hr Seasons 1, 2 & 5, Ima Ai ni Yukimasu, Tobousha), Yazawa Haruki
Original Work: Wagaya no Mondai by Okuda Hideo
Cast: Mizukawa Asami, Koizumi Kotaro, Otani Ryohei, Katsuji Ryo, Koike Teppei
Synopsis: An omnibus story about four young wives (Mizukawa Asami) who worry about the surprising changes in their husbands (Koizumi Kotaro, Otani Ryohei, Katsuji Ryo, Koike Teppei ) and newly-married life.

Otouto no Otto

Otouto no Otto
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 4 March 2018
Station: NHK BS Premium
Scriptwriter: Toda Yukihiro
Original Work: Otouto no Otto by Tagame Gengoro
Genre: Family
Cast: Sato Ryuta, Baruto Kaito, Nakamura Yuri, Nemoto Maharu, Okura Koji, Nomaguchi Toru
Synopsis: A bearded foreigner (Baruto Kaito) suddenly visits Origuchi Yaichi (Sato Ryuta) who is single-handedly raising his daughter of elementary school age (Nemoto Maharu). Yaichi’s younger twin brother Ryoji (Sato Ryuta) moved to Canada long ago and they virtually broke off ties. Ryoji has passed away and this man in front of Yaichi is his “husband” Mike. Mike ends up staying at Yaichi’s house for a while. But Yaichi cannot get rid of his prejudice against gays. He is not sure how to treat him and ends up getting irritated. However, his daughter Natsuna quickly warms up to Mike’s personality and as Yaichi gets to know Mike, he slowly begins to accept him. A new “wind” begins to blow in the Origuchi family which also spreads to Yaichi’s ex-wife Natsuki (Nakamura Yuri). But at the same time, this causes ripples among the people around them too. And Mike has a “promise” with Ryoji that he must tell Yaichi … …
Preview: Otouto no Otto CM

Todome no Kisu

Todome no Kisu
Date: From 10.30 p.m., Sundays, 7 January 2018
Station: NTV
Scriptwriter: Izumi Yoshihiro (Aogeba Toutoshi, Death Note, Gokuaku Ganbo)
Cast: Yamazaki Kento, Kadowaki Mugi, Suda Masaki, Arata Mackenyu, Araki Yuko, Sano Hayato, Miyazawa Hio, Hotta Akane, Karata Erika, Yamamoto Ai, Shison Jun, Mitsuishi Ken, Okunuki Kaoru, Okada Yoshinori, Yuge Tomohisa, Yamada Meikyo, Takahashi Hitomi, Koichi Mantaro, Yamada Meikyo
Synopsis: Handsome Dojima Outaro (Yamazaki Kento) is the no. 1 host of the host club Narcissus and a scum with a distorted perspective on love although he looks like a kind gentleman. He does not love anyone as a result of an incident 12 years ago, and is an aloof person who only cares about social climbing. He targets Namiki Mikoto (Araki Yuko), the daughter of a hotelier (Yamada Meikyo) whose assets are said to be worth 10 billion yen. But one day, he meets a “mysterious lady” (Kadowaki Mugi) and dies from her kiss. However, the next moment, he regains consciousness only to discover that he has been sent back seven days in time. This death and time travel repeats itself several times because of her and he gets stuck in a “death loop” … …
Preview: Todome no Kisu Teaser

Black Company

The Black Company
Date: From 11.30 p.m., Sundays, 4 February 2018
Station: Fuji 2
Scriptwriters: Akutsu Tomoko (Kanjou 8-go Sen, Daddy Go!), Masumoto Takuya (Love or Not, Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu!, Konkatsu Deka)
Original Work: The Black Company by Egami Go
Genre: Corporate
Cast: Kudo Asuka, Okayama Amane, Megumi, Onoue Hiroyuki, Fukami Motoki, Hoshi Moeka, Murakami Nijiro, Takahashi Hitomi, Hayami Mokomichi, Otsuka Yoshie
Synopsis: Mizuno Gota (Kudo Asuka), an aspiring musician, is in a quandary when the convenience store where he works part-time suddenly closes down. One day, he happens to enter a newly-opened hamburger shop called Yankee Burger and is asked by the owner Ozeki Katsuya (Hayami Mokomichi) for feedback on the taste. Mizuno condescendingly tells Ozeki that the burger lacks punch, and the next thing he knows, he is offered a full-time job at the shop. He heads to the venue for the entrance exam. There is only one other person, Kisaragi Masaya (Okayama Amane) who dropped out of a well-known university and shut himself at home. The two of them qualify without having to take the exam and sign the employment contract without reading it properly … …
Preview: The Black Company CM


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