Sora o Kakeru Yodaka ~ Switched


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From 1 August 2018

Netflix Japan

Kaga Junpei, Mizumoto Kojiro and Kohinata Ayumi are childhood friends. They enjoy each other’s friendship. But Kojiro whom Ayumi has always liked, confesses his feelings for her and they are going to date. On the way to the meeting place for their very first date, Ayumi gets a phone call from her ugly classmate Umine Zenko who announces that she is going to commit suicide. Then she sees Zenko jump off a building right in front of her, and she faints. When Ayumi wakes up in hospital, she has swapped bodies with Zenko. Neither her parents nor Kojiro believe her story and this depresses her. Only good friend Junpei quickly realises what has happened. With his support, Ayumi begins to search for a way to return to her own body.

* Shigeoka Daiki as Kaga Junpei
* Kamiyama Tomohiro as Mizumoto Kojiro
* Kiyohara Kaya as Kohinata Ayumi
* Tomita Miu as Umine Zenko

Okada Michitaka (Nobunaga Concerto, Biblia Koshodo no Jiken Techou)

Original Work
Sora o Kakeru Yodaka by Kawabata Shiki

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