BS Sky Perfect Drama Special 2018 ~ Ginga Tetsudou 999


Date: From 8.00 p.m., 18 June 2018
Original Work: Ginga Tetsudou 999 by Matsumoto Reiji
Cast: Kuriyama Chiaki, Maeda Oshiro, Ouki Kaname, Someya Toshiyuki, Hashimoto Jun, Ukaji Takashi
Synopsis: In the year 2XXX in the future, the wealthy are transplanting their souls into machine bodies and becoming mechanised to enjoy eternal life. Meanwhile, the poor fear dying without being able to get their hands on such bodies. Furthermore, many actual human beings are discriminated and persecuted by these mechanised people. “This is the best way of life. It’s the will of the universe.” The universe is controlled by queen Prometheum of the mechanised empire and she aims to mechanise the whole of it. Mechanised people are objects of fear to actual human beings. But there are also quite a number of them who yearn for the body of a machine in order to escape from fear and misery. While on a journey with his mother to the Megalopolis station where the Galaxy Express 999 arrives and departs in order to obtain machine bodies, Hoshino Tetsuro’s (Maeda Oshiro) mother is killed by Count Mecha (Someya Toshiyuki) right in front of him. Before she dies, she tells him to continue the journey they started, and to get a machine body to live the eternal life that she could not. Right after that, Tetsuro encounters a mysterious and beautiful woman Maetel (Kuriyama Chiaki) who looks exactly like his mother. He is handed a passport for the Galaxy Express 999 on the condition that he takes her along too. Tetsuro sets off with feelings of vengeance against Count Mecha and a genuine desire for an eternal life with a machine body. Maetel has been travelling with many young people. However, she has come to have misgivings about her own mission and fate. She is anxious about Tetsuro’s journey but his courage and kindness makes her start thinking about changing her own fate.
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