Fuhatsudan ~ Black Money o Ayatsuru Otoko


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From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 10 June 2018


Mita Denki Sangyo, a large electronic appliance manufacturer discloses improper accounting of 150 billion yen at a press conference. A financial consultant Koga Ryo manipulates its flustered CEO behind the scenes. Kobori Yumiko, the director of the Second Investigative Division, suspects window dressing and feels something is wrong that the company avoided delisting on the stock exchange. So she launches an investigation. Meanwhile, the head of Mita Denki Sangyo’s Management Audit Department, who is considered a key person, commits suicide. Koga secretly meets with the company’s advisor Higashida Shozo right after that. Yumiko begins to suspect that the suicide was murder. The man in question is smiling warmly at his common-law wife Murata Sachiko. Who exactly is he? Koga grew up in a poor coal-mining town with a mother who was loose with money and men. In his desire to take his younger sister Mutsumi to Tokyo, knowledge is ingrained in him by his former superior Nakano Tetsuomi and he succeeded in national securities. However, several years later, an incident triggers the start of his revenge and he lays an unexploded bomb deep in the layers of Japan’s economy.

Shiina Kippei/Miura Takahiro as Koga Ryo
A financial consultant whose real name is Koga Yoshiki. He grew up in a poor coal-mining town and his father passed away when he was a child. Although he is just a high school graduate, he succeeded in a securities firm and became a financial consultant during a turbulent period. He does not talk much about his own past and true feelings. He has the cunning to gain the trust of the people around him and also influential people. While he does his work dispassionately, he seethes with vengeance.

Kuroki Meisa as Kobori Yumiko
The director of Third White Collar Crime Investigation Section under the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Second Investigative Division. Rank: Superintendent. A young career officer who is impatient to accomplish something because of the achievements presented by other sections. There is a reason for her eagerness to get to the truth of Mita Denki Sangyo’s improper accounting other than her sense of justice and ambition … …

Takuma Shin as Higashida Shozo
Mita Denki Sangyo’s advisor and former CEO. He is also the CEO of Nippon Teishin, a massive quasi-government corporation. He has been acquainted with Koga Ryo since his lowly secretary days and has favoured him from way back. He is well-connected with the financial industry.

Iriyama Anna as Koga Mutsumi
Koga Ryo’s younger sister who has a gentle personality. Their mother Yoshimi is addicted to drinking and because she could not leave her alone, she began to work at Yoshimi’s bar after graduating from high school … …

Yoshizawa Hisashi as Sugimoto Takumi
He works for the foreign-owned Herman Securities. An academic elite who is a contrast to high school graduate Koga Ryo. He offered advice to Koga which transformed his life, and even became his business partner.

Harada Tomoyo as Murata Sachiko
Koga Ryo’s common-law wife. She runs a small kimono accessories shop in Tokyo. She is the only person whom Koga has relaxed his guard around and they have been a common-law couple for more than 20 years. She also runs a non-profit organisation which supports traditional craftsmen with the assistance of Koga. She grew up in a poor coal-mining town similar to Koga.

Okuda Eiji as Nakano Tetsuomi
Koga Ryo’s ex-boss during his securities firm days who trained him to be a full-fledged finance guy. The owner of Takaido Healthy Food. He is caring, self-assured and has the qualities of a leader. He is proud of his outstanding business results and had been a person Koga admired since the time he joined the company. But he gradually lives flamboyantly … …

Watanabe Tetsu as Arai Katsutoshi
The chairman of the board of Omuta Goudou Shinkin Bank, a cooperative financial institution, and a prominent figure in the local community. Koga Yoshimi’s lover. He is greedy and even tried to lay his hands on Koga Ryo’s younger sister Mutsumi. Koga loathes him.

Tanaka Shinichi (Keishichou Ikimono-gakari, Shachoushitsu no Fuyu)

Original Work
Fuhatsudan by Aiba Hideo

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