TV Asahi Drama Special 2018 ~ Saisousa Keiji Kataoka Yusuke

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 27 May 2018
Scriptwriter: Fukasawa Masaki (Tokusou 9, Keishichou Sousa Ikka Series, Onnatachi no Tokusou Saizensen)
Cast: Terajima Susumu, Hara Sachie, Kaneko Takatoshi, Ameku Michiko, Arimori Narimi, Takeda Rina, Arai Moe, Suzuki Michiko, Fuwa Mansaku, Yoshida Yo, Yoshiyuki Kazuko
Synopsis: The uncouth detective Kataoka Yusuke (Terajima Susumu) is divorced and lives with his nagging mother (Yoshiyuki Kazuko). He has been relegated to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Re-investigation Unit headed by Anekawa Etsuko (Ameku Michiko). She avoids rocking the boat and her motto is to leave work on time. Kataoka has the help of fellow detectives Okumura Rei (Hara Sachie) and Asano Naoki (Kaneko Takatoshi) and crime lab researcher Hifumi Yuki (Yoshida Yo) as he unlocks cold case mysteries that elite detective have not been able to solve. One day, he hears about a beautiful instructor Sawaki Asuka (Takeda Rina) from Asano who started going for dance classes recently, and cheerfully joins a trial lesson. However, when Asuka learns that the two of them are detectives, she confides all of a sudden that she may have seen a murderer from 12 years ago. 12 years earlier, Asuka had been immersed in ballet in a bid to live up to the expectations of her mother Yoshino (Arimori Narimi) who was a ballerina. However, right after it was announced that she had secured the role of prima ballerina, she fell down a flight of stone steps. Asuka hid her sprained foot and attended the event. In the end, this led her to talk about giving up ballet. But three days later, Sadako (Suzuki Michiko), the mother of Asuka’s good friend Konno Kazumi (Arai Moe) who had fought for the role of prima ballerina, died from a fall down the same stone steps. Asuka vaguely recalls that she was pushed off the stone steps by a man in sunglasses and a hat when she fell down. However, she could not tell anyone partly because of Sadako’s death and bottled it up in her heart for 12 years. However, one week ago, Asuka meet an old friend again who showed her a video of the ballet class 12 years ago. She discovered that the man in the sunglasses and hat was arguing with Sadako in a corner of the screen. This triggered unpleasant memories and she seems to have made up her mind to consult Kataoka and the rest of the team. Who pushed Asuka and Sadako down the steps 12 years ago? Kataoka begins to investigate the case and asks Yuki to analyse the footage. She indicates that there is a possibility that this mystery man is a ballet dancer after examining his physique. A further inspection also determines that Sadako’s death which was treated as an accident at that time, was actually murder. Meanwhile, Kataoka learns that Asuka’s mother never scolded her for failing 12 years ago. He is not convinced that Yoshino who was passionate about ballet education, did not get angry. As a new murder occurs, the Re-investigation Unit exposes the truth of the sad, heartrending case stemming from the love of mother and child … …
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