TBS Monday Theatre 2018 ~ Asami Mitsuhiko Series ~ Heike Densetsu Satsujin Jiken

Date: From 8.00 p.m., 21 May 2018
Scriptwriter: Ishihara Buryu (Keishichou Sousa Ichi Kachou, Keiji 110 kg Series, Hanchou Seasons 1 – 3)
Original Work: Heike Densetsu Satsujin Jiken by Uchida Yasuo
Cast: Hiraoka Yuta, Takeshita Keiko, Ishimaru Kanji, Yada Akiko, Yoshikawa Ai, Shinoda Saburo, Duncan, Maruyama Tomomi, Kubozuka Shunsuke, Kaneda Akio
Synopsis: Reporter Asami Mitsuhiko (Hiraoka Yuta) sets off for Kochi, which is legendary as the place of refuge for the defeated Heike warriors, to collect material for an article. On board the ferry bound for Shikoku, he meets an ex-detective Hashimoto Katsuya (Kaneda Akio) travelling by himself and a couple Inada Noriyoshi (Kubozuka Shunsuke) and Moeko (Yada Akiko) who are heading to Noriyoshi’s family home for their honeymoon. Little does Mitsuhiko know that he is about to get entangled in a tragic case stemming from love and rules. While on his way to Fujinokawa, the Heike’s isolated village nestled in the mountains over the Shimanto River, Mitsuhiko meets Inada Sawa (Yoshikawa Ai), a descendant of the Heike. At Fujinokawa, he is treated with suspicion by Sawa’s grandfather Hironobu (Shinoda Saburo) but this is cleared up with the help of Sawa’s quick wittedness. Hironobu is the father of Noriyoshi whom Mitsuhiko met on the ferry. He is eagerly awaiting his son’s homecoming. However, he receives news that Noriyoshi fell to his death from the ferry. Time passes. There is a big development in the case when insurance money is addressed to Hironobu from Moeko who is now a widow. Sawa comes to Tokyo alone to return the insurance money and visits Moeko in the company of Mitsuhiko. Meanwhile, Hashimoto has started investigating Noriyoshi’s fall on his own and visits Mitsuhiko. As they pursue the mystery of Noriyoshi’s missing body and the substantial insurance money, Mitsuhiko and Hashimoto meet Toyama Rintaro (Maruyama Tomomi) who had been close to Noriyoshi. However, a murder occurs. Mitsuhiko, Sawa, Moeko, Hashimoto get led around by the tangled feelings of the Heike descendants who have been shouldering history and living in obscurity all this time.
Official Website: www.tbs.co.jp/getsuyou-meisaku/20180226

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