Kaisha wa Gakkou jane-n da yo

Kaisha Gakkou

Official Website

From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 21 April 2018

Abema TV

Fujimura Teppei, who was one of the “Shibuya Gyaruo”, had started a business since he was a student. He is impressed by the book of a start-up CEO Sawabe Susumu which he happened to pick up and decides to join the company. Although he enters the start-up with great ambitions, what is waiting for him are PR activities and tedious routine tasks. One day, Teppei enters an internal contest for a new business venture together with his peer Hidaka Takumi and the intern Sasakawa Shota in an attempt to change his present situation. Their proposal for an influencer business catches Sawabe’s attention. However, he has to put the project together with his senior colleague Yamano Taiichiro who coincidentally submitted a similar proposal. Yamano is the son of an advertising agency’s CEO who has been good to Sawabe and he joined the company through this connection. Teppei cannot tolerate Yamano’s unreasonable demands and goes straight to Sawabe. But he is even betrayed by the CEO whom he admired so much. After that, Teppei prepares to start a business with Hidaka who had quit the company with him. Shota joins them too. They blow the 5 million yen they have in hand on office space in Shibuya. 30 million yen in funds is required to make their influencer business a success. The trio participate in venture capital networking events to raise funds but do poorly. Then they go to meet Mobara Boutique’s CEO Kaneki who makes big investments, with their elevator pitch. Their 25-second presentation is a success and he promises to investment. But they later receive a phone call from Kaneki to forget about the investment. They hurriedly go to his office and see someone unexpected. In a last ditch bid, they head to a champagne bar where famous investors get together. Teppei is faced with one obstacle after another, looked down upon by others, betrayed by the people he trusts … Despite these setbacks, he keeps on moving forward while saying, “A company isn’t a school” … …

* Miura Shohei as Fujimura Teppei
* Saotome Taiichi as Hidaka Takumi
* Uno Misako as Mizukawa Hanako
* Matsuoka Kodai as Morinaga Taizo
* Matsuoka Mitsuru as Sasakawa Shota
* Emoto Tokio as Hotta Takayuki
* Shimazaki Haruka as Miki
* Asaka Kodai as Tanizawa Tatsuhiko
* Toyohara Kosuke as Sawabe Susumu
* Ikeda Tetsuhiro as Kurosawa Takeo
* Moriya Kanna as Reiko
* Shinohara Atsushi as Yamano Taiichiro
* Itohara Minami as Ami
* Higa Rino as Saya

Suzuki Osamu (Meishi Game, Nou ni Sumaho ga Umerareta!, Ubai Ai Fuyu)

Original Work
Shibuya de wa Hataraku Shachou no Kokuhaku by Fujita Susumu

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