SPEC ~ SICK’S Jonosho ~ Naikaku Johou Chousashitsu Tokumu Jikou Senjuu-gakari Jikenbo


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From 1 – 30 April 2018 (daily)


Mikuriya Suzuru is a genius with an IQ of 230 and a graduate from Harvard University. However, she has been hospitalised for the habit of harming herself because she is mentally unstable. She wears an eye patch on her right eye and has been warned by the doctor not to take it off. Takakura Hiroyo was a detective of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Public Security Department. But he was forced to leave the department after a case involving a SPEC holder. He is honest to a fault due to his strong sense of justice, and there are also times when he cannot fit in with the people around him and with the organisation. Mikuriya and Takakura belong to the Tokumu, a unit in the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office which is headed by Nonomura Kojiro and deals with SPEC holders. A fight over SPEC holders develops into conflict between countries including Japan and a power struggle which embroils religious organisations and even the Self-Defence Forces. Sandwiched by their purpose of trying to gain control of the SPEC holders, Mikuriya and Takakura put up a fight together with Nonomura. This is where a mysterious presence in a black sailor suit, Ninomae Ito, appears. Her relationship to Ninomae Juuichi is shrouded in mystery. Is she an enemy or an ally?

* Kimura Fumino as Mikuriya Suzuru
* Matsuda Shota as Takakura Hiroyo
* Kuroshima Yuina as Ninomae Ito
* Shinkawa Yua as Yamashiro Ayaka
* Kobayashi Mariko as Miyabi
* Namioka Kazuki as Hasebe Kunishige
* Yano Koji as
* Takasugi Ko as Hideie Takeshi
* Wakamura Mayumi as Tamamori Toshiko
* Okada Yoshinori as Nakamichi Kineo
* Ikeda Dai as Gangster
* Matsumoto Honoka as Nakamichi Kotomi
* Ugaki Misato as Ueda Momoko
* Mashima Hidekazu as Itaya Hajime
* Sano Shiro as Oshima Yuichi
* Aikawa Sho as
* Takuma Shin (guest star) as Irie Shingo
* Tokui Yu as Konda Akio
* Ryu Raita as Nonomura Kojiro

Nishiogi Yumie (Kaseifu no Mitazono, Tamiou)

Click here for photos from the press conference.

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