Kareshi o Loan de Kaimashita


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From 9 March 2018 (updated on Mondays and Fridays)

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Ukishima Tae, Iiyama Yume and Ando Hiyori, known as the Triple Three, work as receptionists in the office building lobby of a large foreign trading company, Capital Holdings Tokyo. Tae has been dating Shiraishi Shunpei, who works in this company, for a year. Shunpei is handsome and has a promising future. To fulfil her dream to get married and become a housewife, Tae pretends to be a quiet, naive girl every day. Tae has men charmed and wrapped around her finger. But she is actually outspoken and does not shy away from making cutting remarks. One day, she meets the legendary receptionist Nanba Reika whom everyone envies for getting married to an elite, handsome man. However, Tae cannot hide her surprise that Reika has become a single mother. Reika candidly talks about her own past and Tae quickly gets anxious as she notes the parallels in her future. Meanwhile, she catches Shunpei cheating on her. When she consults Reika, Reika advises her to have a man with whom she can be her real self. Tae decides to “rent” a boyfriend for a monthly fee of 39,800 yen as a stress reliever. And so, a “rental boyfriend” Setsuna Jun is delivered in a cardboard box the next day. In exchange for her taking over his loan, Jun plays the boyfriend who obeys all her commands. Which boyfriend and path to happiness will Tae choose?

Mano Erina as Ukishima Tae
A receptionist whose dream is to be a housewife. She has an elite boyfriend Shiraishi Shunpei and is the greatest at pretending to be naive. Her special skill is her forced smiles.

Yokohama Ryusei as Setsuna Jun
A handsome part-time worker who is in debt. He is the ground which females tread on. His special skill is being coddled.

Hisamatsu Ikumi as Iiyama Yume
A cute receptionist who is a tease. She is an endearing beauty with the personality of a younger sister. Her special skill is stealing hearts.

Ono Yuriko as Ando Hiyori
A slightly sexy receptionist. She is a cool beauty who is the natural enemy of men who have no interest in getting married or having a girlfriend. Her special skills are smiles and cool analysis.

Fuchikami Yasushi as Shiraishi Shunpei
Ukishima Tae’s tall, handsome but thickheaded boyfriend who is a very fine specimen. He is the sky which females look up to. His special skills are work and fooling around.

Hasegawa Kyoko as Nanba Reika
A divorced single mother who goes from cat to tiger. She’s the legendary “centre” of the receptionists. Her special skill is toying with people.

Nojima Shinji (Papakatsu, Ame ga Furu to Kimi wa Yasashii)

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