The Black Company

Black Company

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From 11.30 p.m., Sundays, 4 February 2018

Fuji 2

Mizuno Gota, an aspiring musician, finds himself in a quandary when the convenience store where he works part-time suddenly closes down. One day, he catches sight of a newly-opened hamburger shop called Yankee Burger. When Mizuno enters, he is asked by the owner Ozeki Katsuya for feedback on the taste. He condescendingly tells Ozeki that the burger lacks punch, and the next thing he knows, he is offered a full-time job at the shop. Thinking that he can put his mother at ease and at the same time be able to drive a Ferrari some day if he stops living as a part-time worker and joins the hamburger shop, Mizuno decides to take the company entrance exam. When he goes to the venue for the entrance exam, he is escorted by Kikukawa Reiko, a woman in an extremely sexy mini skirt. There is only one other person, Kisaragi Masaya who dropped out of a well-known university and shut himself at home, besides Mizuno. The two of them qualify without having to take the exam. Despite their sense of disbelief, they are inspired by Ozeki’s enthusiasm to make Yankee Burger the best hamburger shop in the world and sign the employment contract without reading it properly. And so, Mizuno and Kisaragi get the company’s vision and the nature of their work drilled into them while being hit and yelled at over the course of a three-day induction under the supervision of Inose Takeo. Ozeki arrives just as they seem on the brink of breaking down. He begins to talk about doing something with love. With that, the two of them are completely brainwashed and assigned to the same outlet after the induction ends. Omizo Sueo, the manager of the outlet is a hardworking, serious man who always smiles. However, he has to constantly stay overnight in the shop and work. If the takings are bad, he gets pressured by Ozeki and there are times, when he has to dip into his own salary for the costs of part-time workers due to a cap on spending. At this moment, Mizuno is told by part-timer Ito Aoi that there are rumours that Yankee Burger is a company which exploits its employees … …

* Kudo Asuka as Mizuno Gota
* Okayama Amane as Kisaragi Masaya
* Megumi as Kikukawa Reiko
* Onoue Hiroyuki as Omizo Sueo
* Fukami Motoki as Inose Takeo
* Hoshi Moeka as Ito Aoi
* Murakami Nijiro as Kurata Ryuichi
* Takahashi Hitomi as Omizo Kimiko
* Hayami Mokomichi as Ozeki Katsuya

Akutsu Tomoko (Kanjou 8-go Sen, Daddy Go!)
Masumoto Takuya (Love or Not, Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu!)

Original Work
The Black Company by Egami Go

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