Heisei Sasameyuki

Heisei Sasameyuki

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From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 7 January 2018

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In the spring of 1992, a press conference is held by Makioka Kichijiro, the head of Makioka Group, on the bankruptcy of the company. The Makioka family, an important family representative of Senba in Osaka, passes on the company, ending a history that dates back to the Genroku period almost 300 years ago. And so, four sisters who had lived in the lap of luxury, begin new lives. Eldest sister Tsuruko tries to live proudly with memories of the family’s past glory in her heart despite being forced to sell assets. But reality will not let her have her way. Second sister Sachiko is contented with her kindhearted husband Teinosuke but at the mercy of the baffling behaviours of her two younger sisters. Third sister Yukiko is expected to marry. However, she has already had over 20 unsuccessful matchmaking sessions because of her propensity to first notice people’s flaws. Fourth sister Taeko is a free spirit who has had many romances and hates the family’s restrictions. One night, Taeko gets caught in a typhoon which hit the Kansai region. This dramatically sets the destinies of the four sisters in motion.

Nakayama Miho as Makioka Tsuruko
The eldest daughter of the Makioka family. Nicknamed Ito-han, she was entrusted with the duty of shouldering the responsibility of the family by her mother who passed away when she was a high school student. She protects the home in Osaka Senba which has been in the family for generations as well as fortune, and tries to live proudly with memories of the family’s past glory in her heart

Takaoka Saki as Makioka Sachiko
The second daughter of the Makioka family. Nicknamed Nakaan-chan, she has lived in the elegant home of the branch family in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture since she got married. She has a daughter Etsuko with her husband Teinosuke. She tries to make her younger sister Yukiko settle down somehow or other and arranged a number of introductions but these have been overturned by older sister Tsuruko.

Ito Ayumi as Makioka Yukiko
The third daughter of the Makioka family. Nicknamed Kian-chan, she lives in the home of the branch family in Ashiya. She is approaching her mid-30s and her second sister Sachiko and brother-in-law Teinosuke have been hoping that she will get married. However, she has a propensity to notice people’s flaws and the matchmaking sessions have not been quite successful.

Nakamura Yuri as Makioka Taeko
The fourth daughter of the Makioka family. Nicknamed Koi-san, she had been living with the head family but went to the branch family after an elopement. She hates the the family’s restrictions. She designs and sells her own clothes and aspires to be independent. One night, she gets caught in a typhoon which hit the Kansai region.

Fukushi Seiji as Okuhata Keizo
The third son of a family which has a precious metals business in Senba, Osaka. Nicknamed Keibon, he intended to marry Makioka Taeko but this was opposed by her older sisters. As a result, they eloped and this became a scandal in the weekly magazines.

Emoto Tasuku as Itakura Junichi
A photographer who once studied photography in Paris. After he came back to Japan, he was a driver for the Okuhata family to make a living. He took photos of the clothes which Makioka Taeko made, and gradually became close to her.

Komoto Masahiro as Makioka Tatsuo
The head of the Makioka family. Makioka Tsuruko’s husband. A banker who struggles to protect the Makiokas’ house. He once arranged Yukiko’s matchmaking session with his boss as the go-between, but she wound up turning it down with an unexpected reason.

Kamio Yu as Makioka Teinosuke
The head of the Makioka branch family. Makioka Sachiko’s husband. An employee of a top trading firm. He is happily married to Sachiko and works hard to bring about the marriage of his sister-in-law Yukiko.

Nagatsuka Kyozo as Makioka Kichijiro
The previous head of the Makioka family and father of the four sisters. He is the head of the Makioka Group, a leading apparel maker which has a history dating back to the Genroku period.

Horai Ryuta (Cold Case, The Quiz Show)

Original Work
Sasameyuki by Tanizaki Junichiro

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