Kimi ga Kokoro ni Sumitsuita

Kimi ga Kokoro ni Sumitsuita

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From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 16 January 2018


27-year-old Ogawa Kyoko works for the materials division of lingerie maker Lapoire. One day, she is taken to her first matchmaking party by Hotta Maiko and other workplace colleagues. Kyoko was nicknamed Kyodoko when she was in school because she is always nervous and behaves strangely in front of other people due to her extremely low self-esteem. She is flustered even at the matchmaking party and blurts out, “If someone can like me just the way I am, I’ll date him, whoever he is” which puts off the people around her. Manga editor Yoshizaki Kojiro proceeds to list her faults and scold her. However, Kyoko who believes from Yoshizaki’s behaviour that he may be able to change her, runs after him just as he excuses himself to leave earlier. “Please date me,” she says all of sudden. In the office the next day, Kyoko is warned about her attitude yesterday by Maiko. Even so, Maiko has a good opinion of Kyoko who is earnest in her work, and intends to poach her for a new project team which she has set up. That night, Kyoko happens to meet Yoshizaki on the street. During their conversation, she begins to feel that going out with him will allow her to change for the better. Just then, a surprising person calls out to her. He is Hoshina Ren, the man she felt a hopelessly powerful pull to in university. Although he used her and hurt her deeply, she could not forget him and yet dreaded seeing him again. Kyoko wavers between these two charming men with contrasting personalities.

Yoshioka Riho as Ogawa Kyoko
An employee of lingerie maker Lapoire’s materials division. She has extremely low self-esteem and completely no confidence in herself. She is always nervous and behaves strangely because of this, which earned her the nickname Kyodoko. During university days, she became dependent on her senior Hoshina Ren who was kind to her. But Hoshina actually had another side. Before she realised it, she was given excessively cruel orders and controlled by him. She has not been able to forget him since then. However, in an attempt to change herself, she participates in a matchmaking party and meets Yoshizaki Kojiro, a manga editor. She finds herself strongly attracted to Yoshizaki who is the exact opposite of Hoshina and chides her to get a hold of herself. At that moment, she meets Hoshina again in her company … … She is very passionate about work and has an eye for lingerie material.

Kiritani Kenta as Yoshizaki Kojiro
The editor of Pagazun and is in charge of the manga artist Suzuki Jiro. An interesting man who is frank, cheerful and has a big heart. He does not hesitate to aim harsh words at females. But beneath this is kindness and sincerity. He is initially annoyed by Ogawa Kyoko’s affection but gradually finds that he cannot leave her alone. He is an excellent manga editor and trusted very much by the people around him. In fact, his dream was to be a novelist.

Ishibashi Anna as Iida Ayaka
Ogawa Kyoko’s peer. Her work is flawless and she is recognised for her good work. She becomes the leader of the materials division. She seems to be an airy female, but is actually very ambitious and becomes a member of a new project led by Hotta Maiko to promote herself to senior management. She has feelings for Hoshina Ren and burns with rivalry as Kyoko is close with Hoshina.

Muro Tsuyoshi as Suzuki Jiro
The author of the rather risque manga “Kimi ni Todoke! Hibike!” He and Yoshizaki Kojiro trust each other. He keeps coming to Lapoire for material because his protagonist works for a lingerie maker. Because he has been careful not to be bullied and observed other people since his childhood, he immediately sees through the two-faced Hoshina Ren but … …

Seto Asaka as Hotta Maiko
A designer of Lapoire’s ladies lingerie. She and Yagi Izumi are peers and also rivals. She is good at her work and a senior whom Ogawa Kyoko can depend on. She values Kyoko’s ability and passion, and is her only confidant.

Mukai Osamu as Hoshina Ren
Ogawa Kyoko’s senior in university and the man she has not forgotten. The trading company he works for, acquires Lapoire and he is seconded to the lingerie maker to turn it around. Handsome, smart and kind, he is popular with females. But beneath this is a cruel side. He has no qualms backstabbing people to achieve his goals. He is coincidentally reunited with Kyoko whose heart he grasped and controlled. He continues to pursue her.

Nakamura Ann as Narukawa Emi
A sought-after author who writes popular light novels. She was Yoshizaki Kojiro’s junior in university and ex-girlfriend.

Yoshizawa Tomoko (Anata no Koto was Sorehodo, Damena Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai)
Tokuo Koji (Aino Kekkon Soudanjo, Konkatsu Deka)

Original Work
Kimi ga Kokoro ni Sumitsuita by Tendo Kirin

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