Haru ga Kita

Haru ga Kita

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From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 13 January 2018


Kishigawa Naoko, a plain, dull 31-year-old, is a sales staff who works in a department store’s female lingerie department. She lives with her hopeless father Shuji, exhausted mother Sue and impertinent, unendearing younger sister Junko. One day, Naoko meets a Korean photographer Lee Ji Won when she delivers lingerie to a location shoot. He saves her from trouble and she invites him for a meal to show her gratitude. Upset by the unexpected development, Naoko puts up a front about her family and ends up telling a small lie. On the way back, the two of them encounter her family and the lie she had told is exposed. As a result of Ji Won’s presence, the family secrets slowly come out into the open.

Kai as Lee Ji Won
A Korean cameraman who has been in Japan for two years. He meets Kishigawa Naoko at a location shoot and they are drawn to each other. He experiences a change in heart through his interactions with her family.

Kurashina Kana as Kishigawa Naoko
The eldest daughter of the Kishigawas. She is single and lives with her parents and younger sister Junko in the family home. She works as a sales staff in a department store’s female lingerie department and supports the family. Her meeting with Lee Ji Won brings about significant changes in her life.

Sano Shiro as Kishigawa Shuji
Kishigawa Naoko’s father. Three years ago, he resigned from his company for personal reasons. He has not found a regular job because he is very proud and works part-time at a security firm. He has a secret which he cannot tell the family because of the daily stress … …

Takahata Atsuko as Kishigawa Sue
Kishigawa Naoko’s mother. She started working part-time after her husband’s resignation and has been neglecting housework because of daily fatigue. However, she begins to regain vitality little by little after Naoko invites Lee Ji Won to their home.

Furuhata Seika as Kishigawa Junko
Kishigawa Naoko’s younger sister. A high school student. Fed up with their old house, father who stays home after his resignation, nagging mother and uncool sister, she wants to leave home. She is working part-time without telling her family.

Yoshida Yayoi

Original Work
Haru ga Kita by Mukoda Kuniko

Click here for photos from the press conference.

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