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Hayashida Anone is an elderly widow who lives alone. On this day, she discovers a large number of 10,000 yen notes under the floor of a disused printing factory on the first floor of her house. 19-year-old Tsujisawa Harika has been staying in an internet cafe with two girls of the same age Amishima Miku and Kasagi Arisa, as she works part-time as a cleaner. She enjoys the silly little daily conversations through a mobile chat game she has with Kanon-san who is battling illness. Separated from her parents, Harika has strayed from society and even lost sight of how to live. One day, while cycling with Miku and Arisa, the three girls head to a town called Tsuge based on Arisa’s memory of seeing a discarded cooler bag stuffed with money at a seaside. Tsuge is the name of the town where Harika has happy memories of life with her grandmother Tamegai Masako for several years. Meanwhile, Jimoto Kaji who has been given six months to live by his doctor, is about to shut his curry shop business. He hits it off with a customer Aoba Ruiko and the two of them set off on a journey to search for a place to die. They drift to the town of Tsuge in Jimoto’s car. This is where Harika meets Anone and ends up learning her secret. The two of them have been deceived and betrayed such that they no longer trust people. However, they soon feel something mutual and Anone shelters the Harika. A fake family, fake life and fake memories … … The large sum of money is about to serve as a trigger that would pull the strings of fate of people who are not supposed to meet.

Hirose Suzu as Tsujisawa Harika
A young woman who has a tendency to shut herself in her own world. She behaves suspiciously in some respects. During her childhood, she was innocent and unruly. However, she has been separated from her parents in the wake of some incident. She now lives at an internet cafe.

Tanaka Yuko as Hayashida Anone
A clerk who works for a law firm. Her husband has passed away and she lives alone. She is concerned about Tsujisawa Harika.

Eita as Nakaseko Riichi
A mysterious man whose true identity is gradually revealed.

Kobayashi Satomi as Aoba Ruiko
A quick-witted, cheerful and skillful woman who has bad luck with men. She visits a curry shop on a whim and hits it off with Jimoto Kaji.

Abe Sadao as Jimoto Kaji
The manager of a curry franchise shop. He is a honest and sincere person who is always cares for other people. He is selfless and accepts most of the incidents which happen around him as fate.

Hino Shohei as Hanabusa Manpei
A lawyer who heads the law firm Hanabusa where Hayashida Anone works as a clerk. He has a sincere and gentle personality. He trusts Anone and appears to have an interest in her some way.

Sakamoto Yuji (Quartet, Saikou no Rikon Series)

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