TV Asahi Drama Special 2017 ~ Himana Joshi Daisei

Himana Joshi Daisei

Date: From 12.30 a.m., 28 December 2017
Scriptwriter: Onoma Riko
Original Work: Himana Joshi Daisei
Cast: Ikeda Eliza, Akimoto Ryutaro, Masaki Reiya
Synopsis: Shibuya Naoki (Masaki Reiya) a fourth-year student at A University, is cheated by his girlfriend right before Christmas and abandons himself to despair. He hangs around the campus of Tokyo University where Hongo Sota (Akimoto Ryutaro), his friend since high school, is enrolled. At that moment, Sota registers Naoki on a matching app as a practical joke. He is notified of a “like” from a serious-looking girl. When Naoki responds with a “like”, she suddenly appears out of nowhere and invites him on a date. This female university student is Mita Mayu (Ikeda Eliza) who attends K University. Naoki’s heart is captivated by the cute Mayu. He is told that she wants to spend more time with him and he gets giddy with joy. However, they have trouble communicating. In truth, Sota had entered false information about Naoki’s academic background in the matching app, claiming he is a Tokyo University science student. Naoki is forced to confess that he is actually a student of A University and not Tokyo University. When Mayu hears this, she suddenly blurts out that she remembered something she has to do and leaves in a hurry. The next day, Sota shows Naoki the Twitter account of “Himana Joshi Daisei” after hearing this story from him. She had openly written the details of her date with Naoki and how she immediately fled when she learned that he was not a Tokyo University student. In other words, Mayu is this the much-talked-about “Himana Joshi Daisei” right now. Not knowing what to do with his anger, Naoki comes up with a plan to make Mayu stop tweeting … …
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