Cote d’Azur No.10 (Hulu)

Cote d'Azur

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From 28 November 2017 (updated every Tuesday)


Episode 1: Aru Bukken
Synopsis: Property agent Minato Keiko (Katagiri Hairi) walks with astounding speed along the road of a residential neighborhood and her client Sawada Miyo (Oshima Yuko) desperately chases after her. They soon arrive at a detached house which she calls a good find. As soon as Miyo enters the front door, she feels cold. Keiko pays no attention and shows her every inch of the house. A pale-faced woman in a white dress soon appears.
Cast: Kobayashi Satomi, Oshima Yuko, Katagiri Hairi

Episode 2: Undoujo
Synopsis: Sawamura Haruna (Sasaki Haruka) is doing her favourite drawing alone at the morning assembly platform while the rest of the children play in the yard after school. The teachers Takei Ichiko (Kobayashi Satomi) and Morisaki Mizuki (Oshima Yuko) notice this. Haruna’s mother Yumi (Kana) comes back from shopping and they casually stand around talking at the sports ground. Because there are all sorts of children, teachers and parents, the adults recognise all have their fun. Children may have realised that there are such adults too.
Cast: Kobayashi Satomi, Oshima Yuko, Kana, Sasaki Haruka

Episode 3: Snack Arigasaki
Synopsis: It is night-time in an alley with shops with a nostalgic feel. There is a something quaint about Snack Arigasaki. The owner Inage (Kudo Kankuro), regular customers Catherine Sakurai (Kobayashi Satomi), a busker, and Kaoru (Oshima Yuko) who is in a jewellery-related job, talk merrily about the other regular customers being ghosts which haunt Inage which is all-too-common talk at a bar. A mother and child suddenly enter. The mother (Ise Shima) suddenly orders Napolitan spaghetti without looking at the menu and the boy Kaosu overreacts behind Inage.
Cast: Kobayashi Satomi, Oshima Yuko, Ise Shima, Kudo Kankuro

Episode 4: Benchi ni te
Synopsis: A woman sits as if she is sleeping on a bench on top of a peaceful, lush green hill with a cat in her arms. She is dressed in layers and there is a large plastic bag beside her. Koyama Meiko (Oshima Yuko) and Ono Wakaba (Kobayashi Satomi) come across this as if drawn to the relaxed atmosphere which seems to only flow around the woman. What is happiness to people? She may have appeared to make people think about this.
Cast: Kobayashi Satomi, Oshima Yuko, Motai Masako

Ozaki Eiko
Matsumoto Kana
Takano Mashiro

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