Medamayaki no Kimi Itsu Tsubusu?


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From 1.28 a.m., Wednesdays, 8 November 2017


32-year-old Tamiyamaru Jiro is a bachelor and his occupation is a character costume actor. One day, when he has too much time on his hands, his good friend Hattori invites him to his house and they entertain themselves with the Word Basket game. The next morning, Jiro is treated to a meal of rice with raw egg for breakfast. He is informed that his way of eating which he had considered acceptable is actually in the minority. But he is unconvinced. Furthermore, Hattori’s reason for changing the way he eats is because there is nothing creative about doing the dishes. Jiro appears at an event while still reeling from shock. This is where he meets Mifuyu and discovers that she eats short cake the same way that he does! In that moment, Jiro falls in love. The two of them soon start dating. On their first morning together, Mifuyu prepares a breakfast which Jiro cannot fault. However, the way she eats eggs done sunny-side up makes him snap and he calls her a fool. When he realises it, she is no longer around. At an event venue, Jiro plays a poisonous flower. After that, he invites event team leader Kondo Yuzo to the dining hall and discovers that Kondo also has his own unique way of eating. A shocked Jiro tries eating eggs done sunny-side up the way Mifuyu did once he gets home. He begins to worry about the way to eat. But as he channels his own obsession onto other people, they gradually accept each other and begin to close the distance.

Aoyagi Sho as Tamiyamaru Jiro
A costume actor at mascot character events. He has the looks of a handsome Showa man but is not refined in some respects. He is honest and sincere by nature. He obsesses with the way people eat food more than anyone else, and loses his temper rather easily. People often call him stubborn but he personally does not think so.

Narumi Riko as Mifuyu
Tamiyamaru Jiro’s girlfriend who plays the goblin of the young female comedy duo Chimimoryo. She frequently clashes with Jiro because of differences in the way which she eats.

Sato Jiro as Kondo Yuzo
The event team leader at Tamiyamaru Jiro’s workplace. He gives Jiro, who worries about how to eat at work, sound advice or suggestions on a third and different way to eat.

Otani Ryohei as Hattori
Tamiyamaru Jiro’s good friend. A jovial and manly guy who is an expert at the Word Basket game.

Hiranuma Norihisa as Miya-san
A former entertainer who is now a popular writer. He has expectations of Chimimoryo.

Yamashita Shinji as Rashomon Tatsuhiko
The CEO of the Flower Project which runs the character costume group that Tamiyamaru Jiro belongs to.

Suzuki Kenichi (Akuryo Byoto, Irodori Himura)

Original Work
Medamayaki no Kimi Itsutsubusu? by Ohinata Go

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