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Saki ni Umareta Boku

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From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 14 October 2017


35-year-old Narumi Ryosuke is an elite salaryman who works for Kashimatsu Co., a general trading company. He turned the loss-making operations of a subsidiary in Aomori around with outstanding sales ability. One day, he is ordered by his boss to come back to Tokyo. His next appointment is to be the principal of Kyomeikan High School, a private high school, just as he is on the verge of advancing in his career. This is a demotion so to speak. Kyomeikan High School, which the company operates, has been in the red every year and Narumi is in charge of rehabilitating the school. Despite his bewilderment and confusion, he has no choice but to abide by the decision made by his company. Narumi confers with the teachers together with vice principal Kashiwagi Fumio after taking over as principal. However, none of them seem to have a sense of crisis. The teachers including Mashiba Chihiro distrust the young Narumi who knows nothing about the classroom. His initial conclusion is to first cut costs to turn the school profitable with the business logic from his past experiences. Then he will gather many candidates for the entrance examination. To do that, he will have to raise the level of the current students. Which means he must change the attitudes of the teachers. However, all sorts of obstacles stand in his way. He frets that what is common sense in school is not common sense in society as stress starts to build up … …

Sakurai Sho as Narumi Ryosuke
An employee of Kashimatsu Co., a general trading company. He has an earnest personality. He has been working energetically at Kashimatsu Co. since he graduated from a Tokyo university, but just as he is on the verge of advancing in his career, he is ordered to be the principal of Kyomeikan High School which the company operates. Because he was from sales, he has honed his communication skills and has confidence in his management skills.

Aoi Yu as Mashiba Chihiro
Kyomeikan High School’s social studies-modern society teacher and the form teacher of Class 2/3, a special advanced class. Although she loves her workplace, she continues to be a teacher at the high school without feeling motivated. In the process, she has forgotten about improving students’ academic and her own teaching ability. She is single but there is no man she is attracted to in this little world of the school.

Tabe Mikako as Matsubara Satoko
An employee of Kashimatsu Co. Narumi Ryosuke’s girlfriend. She worries about Narumi who has become the principal of Kyomeikan High School and supports him. However, because they had been in the same company until now, she no longer has things in common with him now. Moreover, difference in values also start to arise little by little.

Seto Koji as Shimazu Tomokazu
Kyomeikan High School’s English language teacher and the form teacher of Class 2/2. He studied abroad in the UK and speaks fluent English like a native speaker. However, lacks visibility in school because he does not much make eye contact with people at school and is clearly uncomfortable around strangers. He has his own opinions but he hardly voices them to the people around him. He has an attitude of ambivalence towards Narumi Ryosuke and even Narumi decides that he is a helpless teacher based on intuition.

Igawa Haruka as Ayano Saori
Kyomeikan High School’s health teacher who is also a qualified counsellor. She knows the students’ feelings best because she deals with them differently from the other teachers. Troubled students go to the sick bay and she notices interpersonal and family problems from this. She believes it is more important for the school to educate students about a healthy body and above all else, empathy, more than learning and knowledge.

Kazama Morio as Kashiwagi Fumio
Kyomeikan High School’s vice principal and office manager. He struggles with the school’s reform together with Narumi Ryosuke. Although his title is vice principal, his role as office manager who manages the teachers, money and other things is bigger. He used to work at a credit association but he came to Kyomeikan High School 10 years ago as its office manager. Because he comes from the private sector he shows an understanding of Narumi’s dilemma but he thinks it is difficult to change the school.

Takashima Masanobu as Kagaa Keisuke
The senior managing director of Kashimatsu Co. Called the future CEO because of the downfall of a senior managing director who is his rival in the company, he is the person who sent Narumi Ryosuke to Kyomeikan High School. He is fussy and sweeps other people aside with uncharacteristically rough language. He has his finger on the pulse of matter within the company and company employees. He also checked Narumi thoroughly and is an ominous person to him.

Fukuda Yasushi (Good Partner, Doctors Series, Hero Series)

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