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Sports writer Nishiwaki Tetsuro got married to Risako who was the manager of the American football club which he belonged to as a university student, but they are not on good terms. One day, Nishiwaki is on the way home after a reunion with American football club teammates including Hayata Yukihiro and Sugai Makoto. He and Sugai sneak into the university grounds and run into Hiura Mizuki who was a former manager of the club. She radiates a strange aura. Then she makes a shocking confession to them, “I killed a person.” In addition, at Nishiwaki’s house, Mizuki reveals to Nishiwaki, Sugai and Risako that she has a gender identity disorder and is living as a man now. She works at a club as a male bartender and killed a customer who was stalking a hostess Saeki Kaori at an unseen place. At first, the three of them feel disturbed and at a loss for words. But together with Nakao Kosuke, another teammate who was also Mizuki’s ex-boyfriend, they make the decision to protect their brilliant youth and friend. Then Mizuki goes missing. In the course of searching for her, Nishiwaki is faced a series of distressing facts. What decision will Mizuki and the team members reach?

Nakatani Miki as Hiura Mizuki/Kanzaki Mitsuru
She has a gender identity disorder and feels that she is a man. But she has spent her life covering this up from the people around her. She got married and even had a child. However, she ran away from home and now works at a Ginza club called Cat’s Eye under the male name Kanzaki Mitsuru.

Kiritani Kenta as Nishiwaki Tetsuro
A former ace quarterback of Teito University’s American football club. He is now a sports writer. His relationship with his wife Risako, who was a former manager of the club, is strained. He had once slept with Hiura Mizuki.

Kuninaka Ryoko as Nishiwaki Risako
Nishiwaki Tetsuro’s wife. A former manager of the American football club. She was an idol to the club’s members back in the day. She is now a freelance cameraman.

Otani Ryohei as Hayata Yukihiro
A former tight end of Teito University’s American football club. A newspaper reporter who does not belong to the press club. He is in charge of covering cases like a roving reporter. He is a level-headed man who is not swayed by emotions. He used to have a one-sided love for Nishiwaki Risako when they were university students.

Suzuki Kosuke as Nakao Kosuke
A former running back of Teito University’s American football club. He got married to the daughter of the executive of a major food company and has taken their family name Takagi. He had dated Hiura Mizuki when they were in school.

Wada Masato as Sugai Makoto
A former kicker of Teito University’s American football club. He works for a general insurance company. He is a good family man who cherishes his family. He is but can behave carelessly.

Nakamura Anne as Saeki Kaori
A hostess at the Ginza club Cat’s Eye. She was being stalked by a man called Tokura who was a victim in murder case. She soon finds out about the shocking hidden truth … …

Mashima Hidekazu as Hirokawa Yukio
Hiura Mizuki’s husband. They live apart now.

Takatsuki Sara as Suenaga Mutsumi
A high school student in a track and field club who has a sexual development disorder and has both male and female reproductive organs. She accepts and interview from Nishiwaki Tetsuro and in the course of their conversation, she provides information that becomes a clue to shedding light on the murder case which Hiura Mizuki confessed to.

Yoshida Noriko (Chushingura no Koi, Manmakoto, Henshin)

Original Work
Kataomoi by Higashino Keigo

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