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From 1.28 a.m., Wednesdays, 11 October 2017


Yamada Kenta is a director filming a documentary which follows a Japanese talent Elie in Hong Kong. Kenta and assistant director Hirakawa Aya keep being at the mercy of her wilfulness from beginning to end. Because of this, the producer Akutsu makes a dig at Kenta. While they are filming at an eatery the next day, Elie gets into a quarrel with men around her. Daniel, an employee, suddenly shoves the men out of the way, punches Kenta who tries to restrain him and takes Elie away somewhere. Amid the chaos at the scene, a woman called Imoto Maki appears in front of Kenta. Maki has come from Japan to meet a man whom she had been communicating with on a Hong Kong matching website although they still have not seen each other. Meanwhile, Elie’s kidnapper, Daniel, who is a local, soon realises that he had mistaken her for his girlfriend. In fact, Maki lacks self-confidence in her looks and has been using an image of Elie as her icon, leading Daniel to assume that Elie is the person he had been wanting to meet the whole time when he saw her. The local mafia also intervenes in this case which escalates unexpectedly. These five people who have never had any connection, meet through this incident and end up having to run about the streets of Hong Kong towards an unexpected goal.

Koike Eiko as Imoto Maki
She visits Hong Kong to meet a Hong Kong man called Daniel whom she met through a matching website. She lacks self-confidence and has been using an image of Elie, a Japanese talent, in her interactions with Daniel.

Yoshizawa Ryo as Yamada Kenta
A director of a TV station. He visits Hong Kong to film Elie’s documentary programme, and meets Imoto Maki.

Baba Fumika as Hirakawa Aya
An assistant director of a TV station. She visits Hong Kong to film Elie’s documentary programme.

Mogami Moga as Elie
A mysterious two-faced talent. She visits Hong Kong for the filming of a documentary programme which follows her activities.

Yanagishita Tomo as Akutsu
A producer of a TV station. He visits Hong Kong to film Elie’s documentary programme.

Nagata Kaoru as Daniel
A Hong Kong man who makes the acquaintance of Imoto Maki through a matching website. He sees Elie’s image which Maki has been using and falls deeply in love.

Iwamatsu Ryo as Katagiri Nari
A Hong Kong broker. He is involved in the kidnapping of Elie.

Kuramitsu Yasuko (Love Song, Totsuzen desu ga Asu Kekkon Shimasu)

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