Black Revenge

Black Revenge

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From 11.59 p.m., Thursdays, 5 October 2017


Five years ago, Terada Keigo was an up-and-coming politician who was driven to commit suicide by an expose which was broken by Shukan Seiryu, a weekly magazine. His wife Imamiya Saori was robbed of the person whom she loved the most and their unborn child. However, five years later, she learns that the scandal was fabricated. Vowing revenge against the Diet lawmaker Tsukamoto Shujiro as well as Aihara Sayumi and Nanjo Yuko, Saori becomes a contract writer for Shukan Seiryu and mercilessly begins to expose the hidden secrets of the people who entrapped Keigo with a fabricated scandal one after another and corners them. She gets hold of scandalous information that Tsukamoto who is rumoured to become a minister very soon, has a mistress. Although she determines that this mistress is Ayaka, the top hostess of an exclusive club, there is completely no traces of Ayaka being bothered by the other person . Even so, Saori considers making Ayaka personally confess in order to send Tsukamoto into political likbo and the depths of hell … …

Kimura Tae as Imamiya Saori
A contract writer of the popular weekly magazine Shukan Seiryu. She has an unusual fixation with scandals and has scored numerous scoops even though she is a rookie. She once lived happily with her husband Terada Keigo and was expecting their first child. However, five years ago, Keigo’s scandals involving money and a mistress were reported by Shukan Seiryu and drove him to commit suicide. She ended up having a miscarriage as a result of the shock. Five years later, she is resting at a treatment centre in the countryside when she is sent a USB from someone. It contains Keigo’s last words just before he committed suicide. He disclosed that the scandals were false and identified the real names of the three people who placed him in this situation. She promised herself that she would make these three people who killed her husband, suffer the same fate as him and sets out to take revenge by working at the editorial department of Shukan Seiryu.

Sato Jiro as Fukushima Isao
The chief editor of Shukan Seiryu. He is good natured, trusted by subordinates and loved by everyone. He is dedicated to work and puts Shukan Seiryu’s sales growth above all else. He will run any entertainment scandal without hesitation if feels that is what readers want.

Hirayama Hiroyuki as Tenma Ryuji
The sub-editor and ace of Shukan Seiryu’s editorial department. He has an overwhelming sense of justice and is a dependable person. He was responsible for publishing Terada Keigo’s scandals in Shukan Seiryu five years ago, but he did not know that the facts were fabricated. He quickly feels something odd about Imamiya Saori’s presence and hires an informant Shirota to probe into her background. The truth of the incident five years ago is later revealed by Saori and he is forced to make a decision.

Horii Arata as Takatsuki Yuya
Terada Keigo’s former secretary. He respected him and supported him as a good partner. After Keigo’s suicide, he retired from politics and became a successful investor. He understands Imamiya Saori’s feelings and helps her. But the more he sees her overcome by vengeance, the more he gradually wants to make her give up on revenge. He wishes to protect Saori in place of Terada and develops affection for her.

Daigo as Shirota Junichi
An odd-job man hired by Tenma Ryuji to investigate Imamiya Saori. He discovers her identity and tries to blackmail her in an attempt to get a large amount of money.

Takahashi Mitsuomi as Terada Keigo
Imamiya Saori’s late husband. He often appeared on TV as a young, up-and-coming politician. He also has a very good public image and a promising future was even selected to be the parliamentary secretary of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in two elections. However, five years ago, money and mistress scandals which he knew nothing of were reported and his political career was cut short. Just before he died, he left behind a video which exposed the three people who schemed against him.

Suzuki Sawa as Itoga Shuri
A counsellor who was introduced by Imamiya Saori’s younger sister. She provides psychological care for Saori who has come back to Tokyo to seek revenge. Saori slowly opens up and pours out her troubles. However, she actually excessively incited Saori’s revenge in what is closer to a brainwashing.

Sato Tomoharu (The Last Cop Series, Rinshou Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo no Suiri)

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