Yochou Sanpo Suru Shinryakusha


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From 12.00 a.m., Tuesdays, 19 September 2017


Yamagiwa Etsuko’s colleague Asakawa Miyuki confesses to her that there is a ghost in her house. But when she goes to Miyuki’s house, only Miyuki’s father is there. Worried about Miyuki’s mental state, Etsuko takes her to the psychosomatic medicine department at the hospital where her husband Tatsuo works. They learn from the results that Miyuki has no sense of the concept of “family”. Etsuko happens to meet Tatsuo at the waiting room and is introduced to a new surgeon Makabe Shiro. Makabe’s unusual air makes her feel very uncomfortable. After she gets home, Etsuko talks to Tatsuo about the discomfort she feels with Makabe. However, he only gives a curt reply. Etsuko begins to feel an unknown anxiety as her husband who is always with Makabe, is driven to the edge. Then one day, she is told by Makabe who is with her husband at the hospital that he came to invade Earth. Etsuko does not know whether it as a joke or the truth but she starts to suspect that the series of unusual events happening around her are connected to Makabe.

Kaho as Yamagiwa Etsuko
Yamagiwa Tatsuo’s wife. She encounters Makabe Shiro at the hospital which she has accompanied her colleague Asakawa Miyuki to. He gives her a strange feeling and she also begins to grow anxious about her husband’s transformation.

Sometani Shota as Yamagiwa Tatsuo
Yamagiwa Etsuko’s husband. A clinical engineer. He gets asked by Makabe Shiro to be a certain “role” after Makabe calls out to him.

Higashide Masahiro as Makabe Shiro
A new doctor at the hospital where Yamagiwa Tatsuo works. He hangs around with Tatsuo. He develops an interest in his wife Etsuko who perceives something about him at their first meeting.

Nakamura Eriko as Saiki Yoko
Yamagiwa Etsuko’s confidant. She takes Asakawa Miyuki’s transformation and Etsuko’s worries seriously.

Kishii Yukino as Asakawa Miyuki
Yamagiwa Etsuko’s colleague who confides in her that there is a ghost in her house. But that “ghost” is Miyuki’s father … …

Osugi Ren as Nishizaki
A staff of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. He is investigating unusual phenomenon which has been happening frequently. He has been keeping tabs on Makabe Shiro’s actions from before.

Takahashi Hiroshi
Kurosawa Kiyoshi (Shokuzai)

Original Work
Sanpo Suru Shinryakusha by Maekawa Tomohiro

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