Kono Koe o Kimi ni


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From 10.00 p.m., Fridays, 8 September 2017


46-year-old eccentric Honami Takashi is an associate professor who teaches maths at university. He is not good at speaking and is unpopular with students. His wife Nao has grown disenchanted with him and leaves home with their child. At a lesson open to high school students, Honami gives a lecture without the spirit of service and eventually gets ordered to go for speaking classes by the dean. He reluctantly participates but gets into an unexpected quarrel with the instructor Ezaki Kyoko and has to be pacified by her boss Sakura Munechika. The two of them part acrimoniously. However, several days later Honami and Kyoko meet each other again at an unlikely place. That is a small recital class on the edge of town. Together with the mysterious Kyoko and his classmates, Honami begins lessons to discover his new self.

Takenouchi Yutaka as Honami Takashi
An associate professor of maths in university. He hid in his own world as if to conceal himself from the eyes of his strict father. He has an interest in maths. There were no females in his student life and although he had experience dating, he was ridiculed by them for having a good voice but making terribly uninteresting talk. He is not emotionally expressive and because he also lacks the spirit of service, his lectures are always conspicuous for its empty seats.

Aso Kumiko as Ezaki Kyoko
The instructor of the recital class. She always seems to be smiling but is actually a pessimistic realist deep down. She has a phobia of love and hates the world for its love for love’s sake philosophy. Only Sakura Munechika knows something happened in her past.

Mimura as Honami Nao
Honami Takashi’s wife. When she was a university student, she took an interest in Honami and aggressively pursued him. After graduation, she took the lead even though she was younger and they got married. When their daughter was born she began to feel that he is probably a hopeless person who is definitely not qualified as a husband and as a father.

Horiuchi Keiko as Kashiwara Kimiko
A housewife who has two sons. She is calm even when parenting and starts to be a volunteer which she is interested in. She is happy that elementary school students and old people look forward to her readings. She loves gossip and is on her guard against Ezaki Kyoko.

Ohara Sakurako as Inaba Misuzu
A student who aspires to be a voice actor. She sets her mind on becoming an admired voice actor and tentatively attends the recital class. She still remembers her readings being praised by her mother when she was a child.

Hiraizumi Sei as Honami Sadao
Honami Takashi’s father. A corporate warrior who supported Japan’s high-growth era. He did not want to let his son suffer hardships like he did and was obsessed with education. He has now been temporarily admitted to a nursing home.

Sugimoto Tetta as Fukushima Masao
He works for a shipping company and goes out to sea for about half a year as the captain of a merchant ship. He believes the very least he can do is to immerse himself in the Japanese language when he is in Japan and attends the recital class. He has a cheerful personality and makes anyone feel comfortable.

Shibata Kyohei as Sakura Munechika
The leader of the recital class. He used to be a popular radio host but became a freelancer after his wife fell ill. He began the recital class in his own home. He soothes the hearts of the students and even serves as counsellor.

Oshima Mika (Asa ga Kita, Seijo, Tokyo Bandwagon)

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