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AE Ito

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32-year-old Yazaki Rio is a scriptwriter. Five years ago, she scored a big hit with Tokyo Doll House, the romance drama she was in charge of. But she has not written any hit titles since then and clings to her past glory to maintain her dignity. One day, Rio’s book of essays “Fall in Love like the Heroine!” based on Tokyo Doll House goes on sale and she holds a talk show. The female audience listen attentively to Rio as she speaks about romance. “Love will surely come true if you have just a little bit of knowledge and courage.” However, the voice inside her is caustic, “If I laugh, they’ll nod along. Silly females.” She is also less than pleased with the love questionnaire that drama producer Tamura Shinya had gone ahead with. She thinks it is worthless. But as she scans through the questionnaires, she notices that four women in the audience have something in common. The name of the man that all of them mentioned is “Ito”. Could this be a coincidence? Rio meets [A]Shimabara Tomomi, [B]Nose Shuko, [C]Aida Satoko, [D]Jinbo Miki as those chosen for love advice and hears their stories. The “men” who manipulated them all seem handsome but extremely self-absorbed, immature and insensitive. They are a baffling pain and Rio wonders what is good about such men. Wanting to make a comeback, she begins to write the script for a new drama based on their stories. It gradually occurs to her that Ito whom the four women have been talking about may be the same person. Who is he and what is his motive?

Kimura Fumino as Yazaki Rio
A scriptwriter who is no longer popular. She is troubled by her inability to produce another hit. She learns about four women who have been manipulated by the same man called Ito on a talk show for a book of essays related to her romance drama which was a big hit in the past, and tries to write a new script based on their stories.

Sasaki Nozomi as Shimabara Tomomi
An intelligent and beautiful salesgirl of expensive bags. She met Ito at a matchmaking party and believed that she was dating him for five years. Although she continues to be devoted to him, he does not take her seriously.

Shida Mirai as Nose Shuko
A half-hearted part-timer. She is not able to handle her stalker-like affection for Ito and cannot take the first step in love or her dreams because she keeps making excuses for everything.

Ikeda Eliza as Aida Satoko
An employee of a tart shop who is never short of guys. She has an exceptionally strong desire to be loved and recognises only her worth in snaring men. She ends up stealing Ito whom her good friend Jinbo Miki has had a one-sided, unrequited love for years.

Kaho as Jinbo Miki
Aida Satoko’s good friend. A graduate student who wishes to offer her virginity to Ito but is dumped by him for that reason and gives in to despair.

Yamada Yuki as Okita
An actor who was the lead in the hit drama Tokyo Doll House.

Nakamura Tomoya as Kusumi Kentaro
A young scriptwriter who is Yazaki Rio’s junior in university. He is now successful enough to pose a threat to her job.

Tanaka Kei as Tamura Shinya
A drama producer who used to be Yazaki Rio’s partner personally and professionally five years ago. He eggs Rio to write a drama script based on the stories of [A] to [D].

Kiyasu Kohei (Sayonara Enari-kun, Jikken Keiji Totori Season 2, Teen Court)

Original Work
Ito-kun A to E by Yuzuki Asako

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