Keishichou Zero-gakari ~ Seikatsu Anzenka Nandemo Soudanshitsu Season 2

Zero-gakari 2

Official Website

From 8.00 p.m., Fridays, 21 July 2017

TV Tokyo

The “anything” consultation office of Suginami Chuo Police Precinct is a department to leave people who have got the boot for causing problems at various places. “Zero is zero no matter how you multiply it.” That is to say, good-for-nothings are useless no matter how many people there are. They get ridiculed as the “Zero Section” and have to handle miscellaneous affairs such as annoying, trivial notifications, complaints, claims and troublesome disputes. At the section, the naive Inspector Kobayakawa Fuyuhiko, a career police officer from the National Research Institute of Police Science who cannot read situations, teams up with foul-mouthed veteran detective Terada Torami who was thrown out of the Criminal Affairs Division for causing trouble all the time. Although they do not agree with each other, they take on all sorts of cases and chores with their good-for-nothing colleagues. One day, Fuyuhiko is the first person to discover a dead body hanging from a three-button device at the proposed site of an Olympic stadium. Fuyuhiko tries to observe the investigation but gets kicked out by Inspector Date Haruma who joined the police force at the same time as him. The First Investigative Division establishes that the victim is Tomita Shinji who works for a real estate company and he would have been hanged by the neck no matter which button he chose. At this moment, Chief Superintendent Hikawa Sayuri, a former director of the Public Security Bureau, assumes her duties as Suginami Chuo Police Precinct’s deputy chief. She is an old acquaintance of Kameyama Yoshio who heads the Zero Section but the reason for her transfer to this precinct is not known. However, Sayuri had once prevented an assassination attempt on former Prime Minister Sawamura Kazuo. Meanwhile, Fuyuhiko realises that the way Tomita was killed is remarkably similar to a book called Midsummer’s Sacrifice which is the debut work of the writer Kazama Teruki and heads to the editorial office with Torami. Kazama has no idea who the culprit is but if the murderer proceeds according to the book, there is a possibility that there will be two more victims. So Fuyuhiko marches into the investigation headquarters. His theory that this is a copycat criminal is dismissed and the investigation proceeds on the assumption that this is a criminal who kills for thrills. However, Fuyuhiko is granted special investigation authority by Sayuri. Right after this, a second person is killed in an electronic chair just like in the book … …

* Koizumi Kotaro as Kobayakawa Fuyuhiko
* Matsushita Yuki as Terada Torami
* Adachi Yumi as Honjo Yasuko
* Kinoshita Takayuki as Sakuraba Yusaku
* Tozuka Junki as Ota Bunpei
* Rokkaku Shinji as Aoyama Susumu
* Kishi Asuka as Samejima Yayoi
* Suruga Taro as Date Haruma
* Wakamura Mayumi as Hikawa Sayuri
* Ishimaru Kenjiro as Tanimoto Keizo
* Kobayashi Nenji as Sawamura Kazuo
* Osugi Ren as Kameyama Yoshio

Yoshimoto Masahiro (Bokura Playboys, Kageri Yuku Natsu)
Oishi Tetsuya (Kirawareru Yuuki, Keiji 7-nin Series, Scapegoat)
Takayama Naoya (Saigo no Restaurant, Shi no Zouki)

Original Work
Seikatsu Anzenka Zero-gakari by Togashi Rintaro

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