NHK Drama Special 2017 ~ 1942 no Playball

1942 no Playball

Date: From 7.30 p.m., 12 August 2017
Scriptwriter: Yatsu Hiroyuki (Shitamachi Rocket (TBS), Roosevelt Game, Hanzawa Naoki)
Cast: Taiga, Katsuji Ryo, Kutsuna Shiori, Saito Yoshiki, Fukuyama Kohei, Suda Akari, Adachi Kana, Tsukuda Norihito, Abe Ryohei, Tanaka Shunsuke, Miyazaki Yoshiko, Denden
Synopsis: Brothers Noguchi Akira (Katsuji Ryo), Jiro (Taiga), Noboru (Saito Yoshiki) and Wataru (Fukuyama Kohei) were active in Japanese professional baseball from before World War II to the postwar years. Of the four of them, second brother Jiro was the ace of the professional baseball team Taiyogun. He could rival baseball star Otani Shohei with his ability to play as both pitcher and fielder, and was admired for playing in games without rest. Third brother Noboru had joined another professional baseball team Hanshingun. Fourth brother Wataru aimed to become a professional player though the national high school baseball tournament which he was supposed to participate in, had been suspended due to the worsening war situation. The war cast a shadow and gradually shattered the brothers’ dreams. They wanted to play baseball but were deprived by the war. In December, the Pacific War begins. Big brother Akira (Katsuji Ryo) completes his military service and returns home from Manchuria. He used to be a well-known pitcher whom his brothers idolised. However, his arm has been damaged because he had overtaxed his body in battle. He has lost self-confidence and even ends up saying mean things to his kind fiancee Kimiko (Kutsuna Shiori) who had worried about his family and taken care of Jiro while he went to war. His unexpected words makes her come to a certain decision. Jiro struggles to get Akira to pull himself together, but … …
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