Shogi Meshi

Shogi Meshi

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From 31 July 2017 (updated on Mondays)

Fuji On Demand (available on Fuji TV from 3 August 2017)

A shogi game may appear restrained but quite a lot of calories are burned from the long hours spent thinking while remaining seated. Toge Nayuta is the first professional female shogi player in the history of the game, and has been studying under her father Hajime since elementary school. Because each game can take more than 10 hours, she seriously worries about what meals and snacks she is allowed to eat during breaks. Nayuta aims to gain the upper edge from the food she chooses near the Shogi Hall in Sendagaya. She has her sights set on defeating male rivals including Hozan Takayoshi and Kurose Tokihiko who are her peers, and getting to the top of the world of professional shogi. One day, Nayuta has to play a game with Hozan. She is trying to decide whether to have katsudon or tendon for lunch when he orders both katsudon and tendon! Nayuta does not want to have a similar menu to him and is completely at a lost. She orders curry don from Hosojimaya on impulse. Will she be able to win with this meal?

* Uchida Rio as Toge Nayuta
* Katono Taiko as Hozan Takayoshi
* Inaba Yu as Kurose Tokihiko

Kodama Yoriko (Kodoku no Gurume Seasons 2 – 3 & 5 – 6, Onna no Naka ni Iru Tanin)
Mizoi Eiichi Davis (Hana no Zubora Meshi)

Original Work
Shogi Meshi by Matsumoto Nagisa

All text copyright ©


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