Aino Kekkon Soudanjo


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From 11.15 p.m., Fridays, 28 July 2017

TV Asahi

Aino Shingo, a former associate professor of ethology, is now the head of Aino Matchmaking Agency. His matchmaking agency promises a 100% success rate. For a high membership fee of 2 million yen, it will find the ideal partner and marriage will certainly follow. Aino is of the opinion that “Love is wicked. The shortcut to marriage is to eliminate unnecessary romantic feelings as much as possible.” He has established the rule that a person must meet his or her partner in person until they get engaged. Aino offers unique counsel based on his study of animal behaviour. Although he antagonises his clients by treating them like animals, he makes good on his promise. One day, Akiyama Satoko, a company president, comes for a consultation. She snaps at Aino that there’s nothing in this world that is 100%. Nonetheless, he asks if she wants to be single forever. She reluctantly pays 2 million yen and leaves. Yokota Kazuyuki, an employee of a top securities firm, arrives at the matchmaking agency. He had been enjoying the scenery from the building’s rooftop but Aino’s assistant Sister Elizabeth mistakenly thought that he was going to jump off and forcibly restrained him. It appears that he came after taking a flyer for the matchmaking agency from her. In fact, the handsome Yokota’s heart has already been stolen by Sister Elizabeth. He is currently taking a break from the stressful life of a broker. When asked about his requirements for a marriage partner, he says it is someone with whom he can spend the rest of his life in nature. Then Aino picks out a woman called Nakano Mizue who matches his requirements.

Yamazaki Ikusaburo as Aino Shingo
A former associate professor of ethology and the head of Aino Matchmaking Agency. He is knowledgeable about the behaviour of animals and insects, and has made collecting animals and insects his hobby. He strikes people as indifferent, and his words and conduct often rub the those around him the wrong way. He works his assistant, Sister Elizabeth, hard and constantly clashes with her but brushes it off. Because he always assumes an arrogant attitude to clients and Sister Elizabeth, they have the worst first impression of him. He is good at identifying a client’s disposition with an insect’s behaviour, and also an accomplished singer.

Takanashi Rin as Sister Elizabeth
Aino Shingo’s assistant. She is earnest, inflexible and overreacts. She is very motherly and has a tendency to fall in love easily. She opposes Aino’s rule that clients must meet until they get engaged. She quickly grows fond of their clients even though she is a nun and supports them. This is how she wins their confidence, but she also gets deceived by their lies because she is a generous to a fault. She gets into a lot of trouble because she jumps to conclusions and is treated like an insect by Aino each time.

Kaga Takeshi as Tsutsugi Kenichiro
Aino Shingo’s supervisor during university days. He is now the head of a science of love research institute and the owner of Aino Matchmaking Agency. He will visit the agency with unusual souvenirs if he is free and chat away with his employees. He knows about Aino’s past but his own background is shrouded in mystery.

Nakamura Anne as Kinjo Remi
A mysterious beauty who appears before Aino Shingo all of a sudden. She calls herself a person who breaks off relationships. She interferes with the matches which Aino promotes for the sake of his clients, and seductively gets close to him. It seems that she and Aino have some past connection, but … …

Tokuo Koji (Thrill, Keishichou Nasi Goreng-ka)
Shimizu Yukako (Reverse, Onna wa Sore o Yurusanai)
Yajima Koichi

Original Work
Aino Kekkon Soudanjo by Yagi Jun

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