Akira to Akira


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From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 9 July 2017


In April 1986, an orientation is being conducted for Sangyo Chuo Bank’s new employees. The last course is practical training on financing strategy for the two outstanding teams. The leaders for the respective teams are Kaido Akira and Yamazaki Akira who are both graduates of Tokyo University. Kaido’s team is the company applying for a loan while Yamazaki’s team is the bank scrutinising the application. Kaido’s proposal is beyond anyone’s imagination but Yamazaki sees through this. The two of them commend each other for putting up a good fight, and this becomes the stuff of legend that gets passed down from generation to generation. As the son of the owner of one of Japan’s leading companies, Kaido was born with an easy life and is promised a future as the next company president. On the other hand, the genius Yamazaki suffered hardships after his father’s company went bankrupt and their family had to run away at night. The two of them have created their own lives and joined the same bank. In fact, their lives had even crossed paths before this. But they have yet to realise this fact. Kaido and Yamazaki motivate each other as good friends and rivals as they overcome difficulties. And then, in what can only be described as cruel “destiny”, a punishing ordeal drops on them. The time turns back to 1975 when their lives began intersecting … …

Mukai Osamu as Kaido Akira
The son of the company president of Tokai Yusen. He works at Sangyo Chuo Bank’s Fourth Sales Division. Since his childhood, he has been told by his grandfather and father that he will take over the company but he chooses to become a banker. He feels a “destiny” with Yamazaki Akira who joined the bank at the same time.

Saito Takumi as Yamazaki Akira
He works at the Financing Division of Sangyo Chuo Bank’s Nihonbashi branch. When he was an elementary school student, his father’s factory went bankrupt. After seeing his father go through hard times, he
gets a job at a bank to save people in the same situation. He starts out his career in the elite track but … …

Koizumi Kotaro as Ando Shoji
Kaido Akira and Yamazaki Akira’s senior. He works for Sangyo Chuo Bank’s Personnel Department. He is like a dependable older brother. He was Kaido’s home tutor when he was a university student.

Tanaka Rena as Kitamura Ai
Yamazaki Akira’s former classmate. She moved from place to place when she was an elementary and junior high school student because of her father’s work. She meets Yamazaki again when she becomes a working adult.

Kaku Kento as Kaido Ryoma
Kaido Akira’s younger brother. He has an inferiority complex and thinks he is no match for his brother no matter what he does.

Matsushige Yutaka as Yamazaki Kozo
Yamazaki Akira’s father. The factory he owned went bankrupt. After that, the company which he worked for also plunged into a crisis and he made every effort to protect his family.

Ishimaru Kanji as Kaido Kazuma
The father of Kaido Akira and Ryoma. The company president of Tokai Yusen. He took over the shipping company from his father. The people around him have deep faith in him.

Kinoshita Houka as Kaido Susumu
The company president of Tokai Asahi Shokai. Kaido Kazuma’s younger brother. He resents his brother’s success and will do whatever it takes to get the better of him.

Horibe Keisuke as Kaido Takashi
The company president of Tokai Asahi Tours. He always goes along with his brother Kaido Susumu. He is the type who will immediately jump at offers that are too good to be true.

Maekawa Yoichi (Shizumanu Taiyo, Shitamachi Rocket (WOWOW))

Original Work
Akira to Akira by Ikeido Jun

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