Uchi no Otto wa Shigoto ga Dekinai


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From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 8 July 2017


Kobayashi Tsukasa works for Max Entertainment, a major event company. He seems the ideal husband with good looks, good academic background and good income. But he actually is lousy at what he does and keeps making mistakes at work. Simply put, he is a burden to the company. Tsukasa does not want his new, young wife Sayaka who respects him, to know about this. But one day, Sayaka accidentally hears rumours of his incompetence and cannot get it out of her mind. Tsukasa reports for work at the very hectic First Production Department where he has been transferred and ends up working under team leader Hijikata Junji. In fact, this transfer is a hint from human resources which is trying to pressure Tsukasa to quit by putting him in a demanding job. Tsukasa is quickly asked by his female boss Kurokawa Akira to create a flyer which is due soon. Meanwhile, an impudent junior Tadokoro Yosuke looks through Tsukasa’s past mistakes which becomes known to every colleague within the department from the very first day. Tsukasa endures his colleagues’ criticism as he puts effort into arrangements for the flyer. He is unexpectedly praised by Kurokawa. Sayaka sees her husband work with vigour and thinks she must have heard wrongly. At this moment, Tsukasa’s shameless older sister Midori who has been imposing on him and Sayaka, notices a change in Sayaka and her pregnancy is discovered. However, at that moment, Tsukasa is not able to deal with the sudden changes from a client and gets into a situation where he is almost forced to resign because of an error in judgment. Sayaka eagerly waits for Tsukasa to announce her pregnancy but repeated blunders, humiliation and the contemptuous looks directed at him by his subordinates have pushed him to his limit. Just as Tsukasa is about to quit, he finds out that Sayaka is pregnant. Since he cannot make her feel anxious, he decides that he has to become competent in his work. And so, the husband and wife tag-team begin their fight for survival.

Nishikido Ryo as Kobayashi Tsukasa
A salaryman who works for events company, Max Entertainment. He has good looks and is also highly educated but is actually completely incompetent at work. He is good-natured, lousy at lying and cannot leave people who are in trouble in the lurch.

Matsuoka Mayu as Kobayashi Sayaka
Kobayashi Tsukasa’s wife who married young. She is naive and there are times when she overreacts. She has a tendency of over imagining both good and bad things and also getting into a panic all on her own.

Sato Ryuta as Hijikata Junji
The team leader of Max Entertainment’s production department where Kobayashi Tsukasa works. He believes that a man’s worth is his work. He is well regarded by his boss because he will accept any big project. But on the other hand, his subordinates often end up handling the consequences.

Dan Mitsu as Kurokawa Akira
Kobayashi Tsukasa’s boss. A career woman who works energetically and does not want to lose out to men. She behaves like a man in the office. However, that is her armour for work. She is a different person when she drinks alcohol.

Yabu Kota as Tadokoro Yosuke
Kobayashi Tsukasa’s junior. He is cunning, tactful and often skives at work. He follows Hijikata Junji around and audaciously looks down on Tsukasa.

Eguchi Noriko as Kobayashi Midori
Kobayashi Tsukasa’s older sister. She frequently shows up at the house of her newly-married brother and puts them in a spot. Her boyfriend is Turkish.

Imoto Ayako as Machida Akari
One of Kobayashi Sayaka’s pregnant friends. She steers her pregnant friends who range from their 20s to 40s to Sayaka. Although her husband runs a monja shop, she feels stressed because he does not show that he is working seriously.

Watanabe Chiho (Beppin-san, Go-nin no Junko, Tatakau! Shoten Girl)

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