Laundry Snow (Shiseido short drama)

Laundry Snow

Broadcast Date
From 7 July 2017


Laundry Snow (Morning) ~ 21:25 Tokyo Hatsu, Praha-yuki
Story: One morning, Hana (Takei Emi) suddenly darts into Laundry Snow, a 24-hour laundry shop with a magical atmosphere. She asks the owner (Takahashi Issei) if he can remove the stains on her white dress and says she is in a hurry. His expression momentarily betrays a recollection of something before he offers a faint smile and tells her, “There’s nothing in this world that will not turn pure white.” When he wonders why she is in a hurry, Hana slowly begins to disclose her circumstances with her boyfriend. She had received a letter from her boyfriend who lives in Prague. He had expressed his desire to see her wear this white dress if she comes to him and enclosed a plane ticket to Prague with the letter. This was his proposal. Hana is reminded that he bought dress for her on their first date. She admits that she is taking her chances. She will go to Prague if the stains are removed and she will not go if the stains cannot be removed. She is not confident that she can continue to love the same person and also be loved by him forever. The owner assures her that she will be fine. “Because I’ve been thinking about someone for almost 80 years,” he adds … …
Cast: Takahashi Issei, Takei Emi

Laundry Snow (Night) ~ Natsu no Sorani, Furu Yukiha
Story: The owner (Takahashi Issei) of Laundry Snow is preparing to close the laundry shop when Tsubaki (Takei Emi), who is dressed in black, rushes in one winter’s night as the moon shines brightly. The owner takes one glance at her and falls in love with her quiet beauty. Tsubaki becomes a regular customer of Laundry Snow and the two of them would talk across the counter. One day, the owner tells Tsubaki his true feelings for her. Tsubaki has never once brought her husband’s clothes. The owner says she is stuck in the past by choice and asks how she can be freed from that past. And so, Tsubaki takes out a white dress from her bag and replies, “If the stains come out from this dress.” The owner takes great pains to remove the stains. But they are stubborn ones. Tsubaki asks him to take his time. When he pulls her into a hug and tries to kiss her, she stubbornly rejects him. She knows that if she accepts his feelings, he will end up stuck in her past. Tsubaki whispers that she has put a spell on him, and will definitely come back to this shop again years later, maybe decades later. If he can make what she brings to him pure white when the time comes, the spell will be lifted. 80 years later, Hana (Takei Emi) leaves Laundry Snow with a bright smile … …
Cast: Takahashi Issei, Takei Emi

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