NTV Drama Special 2017 ~ Yutori desu ga Nani ka ~ Junmai Ginjo Junjo-hen

Yutori SP

Date: From 10.30 p.m., 2 & 9 July 2017
Scriptwriter: Kudo Kankuro (Gomenne Seishun!, Ama-chan, 11-nin mo Iru!)
Cast: Okada Masaki, Matsuzaka Tori, Yagira Yuya, Ando Sakura, Taiga, Shimazaki Haruka, Tezuka Toru, Yoshida Kotaro, Aoki Sayaka, Takahashi You, Nakada Yoshiko, Yamoto Yuma, Shoji Yusuke, Yoshioka Riho, Kato Ryo, Komatsu Kazushige, Kikuchi Misato
Synopsis: Sakama Masakazu (Okada Masaki), Yamaji Kazutoyo (Matsuzaka Tori) and Michigami Malibu (Yagira Yuya), three guys born in 1987, are identified as the “relaxed generation”. Unambitious, uncompetitive and uncooperative, they are the product of school reforms that included shorter five-day weeks, relaxed grading and less emphasis on rote learning. Sakama married Miyashita Akane (Ando Sakura) after many twists and turns. Amid the celebratory mood, Yamaji and Michigami also took strides into their own future. Yamaji was put in charge of all classes in the same grade at Asagaya Elementary School where he teaches, while Michigami finally qualified for university on his twelfth try.
After marriage, Sakama quit his job at Minmin Holdings’ affiliated chain of pubs, and took over his family’s sake business with his older brother Munetaka (Takahashi You). A year later, Sakama Brewery seems to be doing well because the new sake is a hit. But after that, sales stagnate and business founders. At that moment, there is talk of clearing out Sakama Brewery to make way for the extension of the monorail line as part of the redevelopment for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The family is excited about the payout of 350 million yen but Sakama is lukewarm to the idea of closing down Sakama Brewery. And Akane has a secret which the family is not supposed to find out. Yamaji keeps getting caught in the middle of parents and form teachers, and feels an emptiness because he cannot get a sense of fulfillment from his work. Meanwhile, Yamagishi Hiromu (Taiga), who has become an area manager in Minmin Holdings, brags about his work to juniors from his university who are there on an alumni visit, until he discovers Michigami among them and is filled with fear. Sakama registers with an employment agency in preparation for the time when Sakama Brewery ceases business but cannot bring himself to mention the layoff to the employees. Then Michigami’s father Aso Iwao (Yoshida Kotaro) who is usually a middle-aged man for rent, appears at the Sakamas in his regular job as a real estate consultant and suggests a high-rise apartment building for their new home. Sakama declares that he does not want to close but Akane unexpectedly objects. Feeling frustrated, Sakama goes to Tori no Tami where he meets Yamaji and Michigami again. It has been a year since they last met, but instead of having a good time over alcohol and complaining to each other like in the past, they posture about how contented they are and things get awkward. To make matters worse, Yamaji hits a sore spot when he asks if Sakama regrets quitting his company. Sakama flares up and lashes out at him.
Official Website: www.ntv.co.jp/yutori/special2017

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