Tokyo Vampire Hotel


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From 16 June 2017

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In the 16th century, the dracula clan at the centre of the vampire legend is locked away deep under the ground by the neo vampire clan. The neo vampire clan is called Corbin and the earth becomes theirs. Fast forward to 1999. Three children are born at 9:09:09 when the Grand Cross phenomenon occurs as the planets in the solar system align to form a cross. It is written in a book of prophecies that these children will save the dracula clan. They store unlimited power for the time to come and are supposed to be 22 years old in 2021. On the day of her 22nd birthday, Manami meets friends at a pub in Shinjuku. But a female stranger Giga suddenly shows up and starts to kill everyone other than Manami. Manami barely escapes with her life, only to find herself followed by a girl called K as well as Yamada from the Corbin clan. K, who possesses tremendous power, commands “If you value your life, do as I say.” Manami is actually one of the children prophesised to save the dracula clan. She is taken by Yamada to Hotel Requiem, which is also known as Tokyo Vampire Hotel, just as K is about to capture her, and confined there. Yamada lives and runs this ornately beautiful, palatial hotel for humans with a bizarre empress and Elizabeth Báthory. The Corbin clan is moving ahead with a terrifying plan using this hotel. It is to gather young men and women in large numbers, tell them that the world is coming to an end and make them choose to live out in this hotel to secure a lifetime of food (human blood). On this day, young men and women have been invited to Hotel Requiem where Yamada is holding a huge nationwide matchmaking convention. Then he suddenly declares to the gathered crowd that tomorrow will be the apocalypse and only the people inside this hotel will be saved … …

* Kaho as K
* Mitsushima Shinnosuke as Yamada
* Tomite Ami as Manami
* Kagurazaka Megumi as Elizabeth Báthory
* Adachi Yumi as Empress
* Nakagawa Shoko as Giga
* Shibukawa Kiyohiko as Cody
* Mori Nana as Akari

Sono Sion (Minna ESPer da yo! Series, Jikou Keisatsu Series)
Tsugita Jun
Ikarimoto Manabu

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