Hanzai Shokogun Season 2


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From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 11 June 2017


One year ago, a woman who was cherished by two men was murdered. Former detective Muto Takashi is her older brother who had loved her as if he were her father after their parents died young. His good friend Kaburagi Wataru, a senior detective, was actually her boyfriend and she was the only one Kaburagi loved in his lonely life. Kaburagi counsels Muto and attempts to persuade him to forget the past. However, Kaburagi is the one who crosses the line and gets consumed by revenge. One day, the dead body of a youth who is believed to have fallen to his death is discovered at the foot of a building and Kaburagi is present at the investigation of the scene. Although the youth had stabbed a teacher to death in the past, his death is simply treated as an accident. Tamaki Keigo finds this suspicious. He summons Muto and hands some documents to him. These are the records of the fatal accidents of four minors in the past year. In fact, all four had criminal records for murder and their deaths were treated as accidents. The same goes for the fifth minor, the youth who fell to his death this time. Tamaki is certain that there is more to this series of deaths than meets the eye and requests Muto’s assistance. Muto begins to investigate the cases in secret and gets to Makita Hirofumi, the representative for a group of families of juvenile crime victims, and one of its members Yabuki Kyoko. Both Makita and Kyoko’s loved ones have been murdered by minors and those offenders have died. While Muto is convinced of Makita’s link to a professional killer, Tamaki has already begun to suspect Kaburagi’s involvement in these cases.

Tamayama Tetsuji as Muto Takashi
A former detective turned investigator. He gets to Shounen Hanzai o Kangaeru Kai, a group of families of juvenile crime victims while investigating the series of suspicious accidental deaths involving minors on a special mission for Tamaki Keigo.

Tanihara Shosuke as Kaburagi Wataru
A detective of Kita Izumi Police Precinct who is pursuing the series of deaths of minors. He has been from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. His girlfriend was murdered and it seems that he has overcome his grief but lives on a deep desire for vengeance.

Kimura Tae as Yabuki Kyoko
A member of Shounen Hanzai o Kangaeru Kai, a group of families of juvenile crime victims. An old acquaintance of Kaburagi Wataru. Her boyfriend was murdered by a minor

Itao Itsuji as Makita Hirofumi
The founder of Shounen Hanzai o Kangaeru Kai, a group of families of juvenile crime victims.

Watabe Atsuro as Tamaki Keigo
A mysterious man who belongs to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Second Personnel Division. He makes use of Muto Takashi for investigations and he will stop at nothing to protect country and society. He suspects Kaburagi Wataru’s involvement in the accidental deaths of the five minors.

Shinozaki Eriko (Rakuen, Copyface, Kami no Tsuki)
Taniguchi Junichiro (Honjitsu Ohigara mo Yoko, Keiji no Manazashi)

Original Work
Shokogun Series by Nukui Tokuro

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