Yaneura no Koibito


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From 11.40 p.m., Saturdays, 3 June 2017

Fuji TV

Housewife Saijo Kinuka has moved into a Western-style house in Kamakura with her husband Makoto, daughter Honoka and son Yuto following the death of her father-in-law. This was strongly encouraged by her father-in-law’s second wife Chizuko. Despite her reservations about living in a separate building on the same property as her flashy and uninhibited mother-in-law, Kinuka decides to shift. It is a house she has wanted to fulfil her longtime dream of holding flower arrangement classes in her own salon and for her family of four to live spaciously. On the day of the housewarming party, Kinuka’s ex-boyfriend Seno Itsuki suddenly shows up. He says he is being pursued by debt collectors and wants her to shelter him. Kinuka has not been in contact with him since they parted ways 18 years ago. He is not supposed to know her new address. So why has he come here? He is not someone she can introduce to her family as things are. Kinuka instinctively feels fear and tries to turn Seno away but he has disappeared. Strange things start happening in the household from that night. The food in the fridge goes down, her husband’s laundry goes missing, and then something unbelievable happens on her wedding anniversary. She hears the sounds of a violin from the attic even though her family has not come back home. When Kinuka climbs up to the attic guided by the music, she finds Seno playing the violin. He had settled there in secret and started observing the true picture of the family. Kinuka begins to learn the secrets that her family and even her good friend Suganuma Kyoko have kept mum about. Yuto is the victim of bullying and Honoka is worried about serious trouble with her boyfriend. Kinuka’s husband shows great promise in his career and is supposed to be a good father at home but … … What is the true reason for her mother-in-law bringing the family over? Kinuka is driven into a corner mentally and her feelings for Seno waver. Then a murder sets the wheels of destiny in motion. A shocking outcome lies ahead when everything comes into the open

Ishida Hikari as Saijo Kinuka
A housewife whose husband works for a securities firm. Their daughter Honoka is a second-year high school student and son Yuto is a third-year junior high school student. She is kind, gentle and also friendly, and wears the mask of a good wife, mother and woman. On the other hand, she puts on a calm appearance when frustrated deep down. She desires to be complimented as the perfect wife and mother by the people around her and maintain the appearance of a happy woman with a beautiful family, but actually does not even realise the troubles that her children have.

Imai Tsubasa as Seno Itsuki
Saijo Kinuka’s ex-boyfriend. He met Kinuka when he was 20 through certain circumstances. They were drawn to each other but he disappeared her life all of a sudden. He appears in front of her for the first time in 18 years and lives as he pleases in the attic of her home. Although he was a cheerful and righteous fine young man 18 years ago, he has now become an inscrutable, sexy man.

Miura Rieko as Suganuma Kyoko
Saijo Kinuka’s friend since high school days. A capable financial planner. She has money at her disposal but always makes herself beautiful with the money she has earned. She is on good terms with Kinuka but their conversations are always an attempt to put each other in their place.

Matsuzawa Kazuyuki as Wada Yuichi
A detective of Tokyo’s Kasai Chuo Police Precinct. He has been pursuing the criminal in the Izawa Ryo murder case. Because he found in a magazine clipping of Saijo Kinuka in the home of the murdered Izawa, he visits her place over and over again to question her.

Takahata Atsuko as Saijo Chizuko
Saijo Kinuka’s mother-in-law. The second wife of her husband Makoto’s late father, she is not related by blood. She is a well-known belly dancing instructor in Japan. She is flashy and loves to show off. She will do anything to get fame.

Otomo Karen as Saijo Honoka
Saijo Kinuka’s daughter. The cute, obedient daughter who is her pride. A second-year high school student. She secretly holds her mother in contempt and even feels disgusted with her mother’s idealised image of the family. She stays away from home after she gets a boyfriend.

Katsumura Masanobu as Saijo Makoto
Saijo Kinuka’s husband. He is a senior analyst at Nichii capital. Because his job is to make money outside, he considers protecting the family as the job of his wife Kinuka. He is the embodiment of ambition.

Ouki Shizuka (Kurofuku Monogatari, Karamazov no Kyoudai, Tsugunai)

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