NTV Drama Special 2017 ~ Kaettekita Ie Uru Onna

Kaettekita Ie Uru Onna

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 26 May 2017
Scriptwriter: Oishi Shizuka (Contrail, Second Love, Kazokugari)
Cast: Kitagawa Keiko, Kudo Asuka, Chiba Yudai, Imoto Ayako, Suzuki Hiroki, Honda Chikara, Kusakawa Takuya, Usuda Asami, Hara Hideko, Kajihara Zen, Nakamura Toru, Shoufukutei Tsurube, Kaname Jun, Ashina Sei
Synopsis: It has been two years since Sagenya Machi (Kitagawa Keiko) and Yashiro Hajime (Nakamura Toru) left Teiko Real Estate’s Shinjuku office. Sales at the office, which is now led by Fuse Makoto (Kajihara Zen), have been sluggish because of the rise of a rival and the office is on the verge of closing down. Niwano Seiji (Kudo Asuka) visits Machi who has become the company president of Sanchi Real Estate to seek her help. However, he sees Machi and Yashiro standing alone on the beach and the baby in Machi’s arms … … Despite his shock, Machi shows up at the brokerage sales department the next day to work part time for a limited duration, and brilliantly sells a house to a peculiar client in no time. The next day, Ichinose Sadao (Shoufukutei Tsurube), a strange old man of leisure who is in the costume of the office’s mascot for promotional activities, sees Machi’s sales prowess at an event to sell a maisonnette. He suddenly takes off his costume and declares that he is buying it. He claims that he has been checking out trustworthy real estate agents under the guise of his part-time work. He wants to buy a house that he can live together with his daughter and her family with whom he has broken off ties, and make peace. However, Machi rejects him for some reason. An angry Ichinose uses the office’s hopeless employee Shirasu Mika (Imoto Ayako) for some strategy. Meanwhile, a famous child star Hayama Ren (Igarashi Hinata) visits the office with his father Tomoaki (Kaname Jun). With an insolent manner which is hard to imagine for a child, the boy finds fault with every property proposed by Niwano and the hapless Tomoaki just obeys his son. Then a destitute single mother (Ashina Sei) searching for a modest home and a wealthy university student (Furuhata Seika) buying a house for her dog with her parents’ money come to the office too. Even the chief Adachi Makoto (Chiba Yudai) gets involved. Machi comes up with excellent solutions for them. What are the answers she sees through houses? And what is her relationship with Yashiro and the secret of the baby’s birth?
Official Website: www.ntv.co.jp/ieuru/special

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