Final Fantasy XIV: Hikari no Otousan


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From 1.28 a.m., Wednesdays, 19 April 2017


Inaba Mitsuo’s hobby is role playing games. When he was a teenager, his father Hirotaro had taken him to buy Final Fantasy III and these became his few precious memories of having his father play with him. He is now a grown-up and a salesman of office machines. One day, he gets a phone call from his mother, informing him that his father, who had lived for work, has suddenly resigned. She is apparently unconcerned about his slightly early retirement. Mitsuo realises that he does not know anything about his father in a casual conversation with a colleague Hakamada Takahiro. Worried about his father who has grown aloof in his behaviour, Mitsuo gifts him a Play Station 4 to celebrate his retirement and invites him into the world of online games through Final Fantasy XIV. Despite his puzzled look, Hirotaro creates a character called Indy and gradually gets hooked on the game. Mitsuo has already been playing the game with the character name Maidy and tries to reach out to his father without disclosing his true identity. Despite the secrets that each of them have, father and son start to understand each other and become them closer through the online games.

Chiba Yudai as Inaba Mitsuo
A diligent company employee who loves gaming. He feels a distance between himself and his father.

Osugi Ren as Inaba Hirotaro
Inaba Mitsuo’s father. He had lived for work but suddenly resigned from the company.

Baba Fumika as Shoda Yoko
A new employee at Inaba Mitsuo’s company. She is cool but in fact … …

Hakamada Yoshihiko as Hakamada Takahiro
Inaba Mitsuo’s senior at work. He is a caring person who gives him advice regarding his problems.

Hasegawa Hatsunori as Ono Hajime
Inaba Hirotaro’s old friend. He runs a big company.

Ishino Mako as Inaba Kimiko
Inaba Mitsuo’s mother. She loves Korean dramas and is engrossed in them.

Fukihara Kota

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