Kono Yo ni Tayasui Shigoto wa Nai


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From 11.00 p.m., Thursdays, 6 April 2017

NHK BS Premium

Kirinaka Kasumi had been a teacher in elementary school, which was her childhood dream. But she caused herself to overwork because of her over-enthusiasm and ended up resigning without fulfilling her ambition because she was burned out. However, a 28-year-old single woman must work to survive. So Kasumi begins to prepare for her return to the working world through short-term jobs and meets Seimon, a remarkable employee at a Hello Work employment support office. Seimon introduces her to jobs that meet her expectations no matter what her conditions are, but Kasumi somehow keeps getting very queer, seemingly unrealistic work. Kasumi’s first role is to be a bus announcer. But on the first day of work, she is ordered by the division manager to keep watch over her senior Eriguchi Mari who seems to have the magic to create announcements. Then when Kasumi indicates her preference to go back to teaching, Seimon rejects this and foists a ghost exorcising job at a forest park on her. Even so, Kasumi slowly begins to consider how to deal with these jobs and the meaning of work through her interactions with the people she meets at each of these workplaces.

Mano Erina as Kirinaka Kasumi
She got her dream job as an elementary school teacher but burned out because of her over-enthusiasm and ended up having to resign. She is not getting along with her boyfriend Yurioka Jun because of that and even runs away from the house where they are living together. But she has to make a living. She meets Seimon at the Hello Work employment support office that she visits and keeps getting queer work. Her tendency to get too immersed in everything is a strength and also a weakness.

Tsukamoto Takashi as Yurioka Jun
Kirinaka Kasumi’s boyfriend. A founding member of Shimobe soccer club which was loved by people in the Obayashi district. However, the team was disbanded due to financial difficulties and he does not know what to do after that. He has too much enthusiasm and motivation which he channels towards mending his relationship with Kasumi.

Asano Atsuko as Seimon
An employee at the Hello Work employment support office. While she tells Kirinaka Kasumi that she has the job that meets her expectations, she keeps finding her queer work which is not according to Kasumi’s wishes. She repeatedly warns Kasumi who has a tendency to get engrossed in work. She seems to have an interest in cameras and fortune-telling but her real identity is shrouded in mystery.

Babazono Azusa as Eriguchi Mari
A senior at Kanariya Bus’s General Affairs Department and Announcement Production Department where Kirinaka Kasumi is introduced by Seimon. She is skillful in everything and has the trust of all employees. However, the division manager suspects that there is magical power in the announcements that she produces and has been secretly monitoring her.

Tsuchida Hideo (Akahana no Sensei, Saito-san Series)
Brazily Ann Yamada (Tokyo Sentimental Series, White Lab)

Original Work
Kono Yo ni Tayasui Shigoto wa Nai by Tsumura Kikuko

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