Chukyo TV Drama Special 2017 ~ Meieki Icchome Ichiban Ichi-go ~ Hito to Shiawase o Tsunagu Basho


Date: From 1.30 p.m., 13 May 2017
Scriptwriter: Iwamoto Maya, Hayashi Makoto
Cast: Adachi Rika, Hayama Shono, Gori, Haruka Christine, Miyazaki Yoshiko, Osugi Ren, Umefune Ariei, Suganuma Shoya, Takayanagi Akane, Kasai Kenji, Sugi-chan
Synopsis: Office lady Iwai Haruka (Adachi Rika) works for Kuromiya Design, a design company in Nagoya. It is a busy year end for her. There is an internal call for design ideas to decorate the shopping mall Kitte Nagoya next spring, and Haruka sees this as a big chance for her to emerge from her role as an assistant. She cherishes her time with her younger boyfriend Akutsu Takuya (Hayama Shono) as she goes to the mall to formulate ideas. At Kitte Nagoya, car park attendant Teruya Takashi (Gori) gets into a big quarrel with Rachel Okazaki (Haruka Christine), a patisserie shop staff, over a trivial matter. However, they can empathise with each other because they both have mixed parentage and hail from distant Okinawa, and start to become better acquainted. Then there is Sawada Kenji (Osugi Ren), the head of Nagoya Chuo Post Office at Kitte Nagoya, who is approaching retirement. He is shaken by the appearance of Hosokawa Hizuru (Miyazaki Yoshiko) who has been his idol for 40 years and destiny gradually starts to bring them closer together. Christmas finally comes. A spectacular event is held at Kitte Nagoya but Takuya suddenly broaches breaking up with Haruka. Will Haruka be able to make her debut as a design without the moral support? The three pairs of couples from three generations give each other support while mingling at Kitte Nagoya and begin to find small happiness.
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