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Without an official spy organisation, Japan is seen as a hotbed for crime by foreign and domestic criminal groups. K13 is a unit established within the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to combat this situation. The activities of K13 are known only to a few people and its members do not exist on record. Led by the top agent code named Mirage, K13 members target not only brutal crimes but are also given secret missions to handle crimes which cannot be solved politically and socially. One day, a criminal group barricades itself in the office of Masaki Yoshio, the secretary-general of the Kyoshinka Party. Kurahashi, the leader of the group, demands 2 billion yen from Masaki and threatens to kill the hostages and disclose his bribes to the public if this demand is not met. Samonji Geki, the chief of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Security Bureau receives the request from Masaki and instructs Onzaki Kurando, who heads the Special Public Security Division, to “handle” the case in secret. Onzaki orders K13’s Mirage to suppress the criminal group. Meanwhile, there are people who intend to set up a police organisation like the FBI in the US and strengthen the Japanese police by enacting a bill to expand its powers. Before long, the K13 gets embroiled too and a huge conspiracy is revealed.

Kiriyama Ren as Mirage (Moriyama Shinichi)
K13’s top agent. He sustained a brain injury due to a past operation. As a result, he lost a part of his emotions and memory but gained extraordinary physical ability. He treats the orders which he is given as absolute and conducts the missions with no trace of emotion, handling them smartly and swiftly in his fancy suits.

Sano Hinako as Dobu Nezumi (Kogure Mikako)
A K13 agent and a genius hacker who has committed many cyber crimes. She is confined within the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department because of preferential treatment and provides all sorts of information to K13 from headquarters. Confrontations with criminals are no more than a game to her. In fact, it is said that she has a huge fortune in the billions which was gained from hacking.

Kaname Jun as Onzaki Kurando
A career office and the head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Special Public Security Division under the Security Bureau. He is also the person in charge of K13 and gives Mirage direct orders. He comes from a distinguished family descended from nobility which has been supporting Japan’s politics and public order continuously. He gets embroiled in political activity by his boss Samonji Geki but always stays cool and calm.

Takeda Shinji as Kujiraoka Renjiro
A real estate mogul who is based in Roppongi. He has built a tremendous fortune from speculating in land and nursing care. He does wicked things but does not get directly involved. He is familiar with the underworld and also has a lot of influence in political and business circles. He has caused numerous violent crimes but is being driven into a corner by K13. He eventually learns of K13’s existence and goes for all-out confrontation.

Suruga Taro as Himejima Kohei
The leader of K13 and also a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Special Public Security Division. He is highly skill in martial arts and used to be the top agent. But he has been dealing with the aftermath of missions ever since Mirage came out top.

Hagiwara Masato as Kanegafuchi Yutaka
He is publicly known as the owner of a car repair shop and is famous in the underworld for remodeling of weapons and cars. He supports Mirage through the development of the latest special weapons. He has confidence in his own inventions and sometimes forces Mirage to use special weapons. He is one of the few who feels like a friendly older brother to Mirage.

Ishimaru Kenjiro as Samonji Geki
The chief of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Security Bureau. Onzaki Kurando’s boss and the creator of K13. He has connections with politicians, bureaucrats and the strong in society. He occasionally uses K13 to make backroom deals. However, he has his own unique ideas about “justice” by means of police authority and beneath his genial exterior is in fact … …

Original Work
Mirage by Hiroi Ouji

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