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From 4 April 2017 (followed by movie)

Nagoya TV

Katagiri Yuichi is a poor student with no parents. He delivers newspapers and works on the side while attending high school. Yuichi has trustworthy friends who are all that matters to him. They are Sawaragi Shiho, the vice-chairman; Mikasa Tenji, the genius of their academic year; wealthy Shibe Makoto; and anime-loving Kokorogi Yutori. He had believed that he would be friends with them for years to come. Until that incident happened … … 2 million yen which had been pooled together from every classmate as money for a school trip vanishes. Yuichi is summoned by Shiho through a letter. However, Tenji, Makoto and Yutori are there too besides Shiho. The five of them are attacked by someone and locked up in a room with white walls. When the recover consciousness, Manabu who is dressed in a manga character costume is standing right before them. They are told a shocking truth. Someone among the five of them has a debt of 2 million yen and entered them for Tomodachi Game to pay off the money. If they are able to clear the game, the debt will be written off but if they lose, each person will have to bear 4 million yen. Yuichi and his friends decide to participate in the game to help this person. This is how the first game begins. It is supposed to be a simple game. However, friendships are unexpectedly tested under extreme conditions which triggers paranoia. The trick to clearing the game is to trust in friends. But will Yuichi and his friends choose money over friendship?

Yoshizawa Ryo as Katagiri Yuichi
A student who works to support himself because his parents have died. He is a popular person who cares about friendship more than money because of his mother’s teachings. However, he shows a willingness to use cruel methods to win the game.

Uchida Rio as Sawaragi Shiho
Katagiri Yuichi’s classmate. A righteous vice-chairman with a father who is a police officer. She and Mikasa Tenji are childhood friends but she secretly likes Katagiri Yuichi.

Yamamoto Yuki as Mikasa Tenji
He is smart and constantly calm. He plays the role of mediator when his friends have disputes. He is concerned about Sawaragi Shiho and seems to have special feelings for her.

Okura Shimon as Shibe Makoto
He likes Sawaragi Shiho and makes aggressive advances but is ignored. His father is a city assemblyman and he is the son of a wealthy family.

Nemoto Nagi as Kokorogi Yutori
She was bullied during junior high school but was saved by Sawaragi Shiho. She feels inferior to her friend who saved her and also likes Katagiri Yuichi.

Amatsuki as Manabu-kun
The guide of Tomodachi Game. His identity is unknown. He toys with the players and keeps on making extreme remarks throughout the game.

Kubota Yuki as Tojo Ren
He keeps tabs on the team participating in the game through a monitor. He sees through Katagiri Yuichi’s strategy and the basis of those ideas. He feels fear but also gives due respect.

Nagae Jiro
Sagami Yoshitsugu

Original Work
Tomodachi Game by Yamaguchi Mikoto

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