4-go Keibi


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From 8.15 p.m., Saturdays, 8 April 2017


In present times, anyone can be targeted and threatened even if they are not someone famous or a VIP. It is the ordinary security officers of private security firms who protect ordinary people facing these unexpected crises. Because they are not security police belonging to the police force, they do not have powers to arrest or carry guns. However, they have to be available round the clock and at times risk their lives to protect clients. In the industry, their job is called Security #4. Skills are required because it is the most dangerous of security roles. One day, security officer Asahina Hayato is ordered by his boss Ikeyama Yukio to Security #4. Asahina used to be a police officer but quit due to a “setback” and joined the security company Guard Keepers. A dull middle-aged man called Ishimaru Kengo is designated his partner. Ishimaru was once a company president but became a security officer and is labelled “coward” as a result of his excessively cautious personality. Although the two of them complain about each other, their boss Ikeyama seems to have some agenda and does nothing but give meaningful smiles while Honda Kaoru, their company president, has reservations about this pairing. Despite their conflicts, Asahina and Ishimaru come into contact with clients from all walks of life as they personally protect them in all sorts situations and face up to their own pasts. Their first security target is a blind man called Hirose who has had attempts on his life by someone because of a huge inheritance. Asahina and Ishimaru advice Hirose to change his route to work. But he does not do so for some reason and deliberately behaves in a manner that exposes himself to danger … …

Kubota Masataka as Asahina Hayato
He used to be a police officer but resigned due to a “setback” and found a security job. He is usually cheerful and does not give anything serious consideration but feels strong about protecting clients. He rents and lives in the gym on the second floor.

Kitamura Kazuki as Ishimaru Kengo
He has a very cautious personality and acknowledges that he is a coward. He thinks it is good for him to be a traffic guide for life but is ordered to Security #4 for some reason. He used to run a company and have a wife and child, but now he lives alone.

Abe Junko as Ueno Yu
She had worked at a hotel’s front desk but was stalked by a mysterious person and sought the help of Asahina Hayato and Ishimaru Kengo. After that, she became a member of Guard Keepers.

Kimura Tae as Honda Kaoru
The company president of Guard Keepers. She took over the company from her late father but thinks all that is required of the security business is to turn a profit and devotes herself to her apparel business. She always disagrees with Ikeyama Yukio.

Kataoka Tsurutaro as Ikeyama Yukio
The head of the Security Department at Guard Keepers and the person responsible for pairing Asahina Hayato and Ishimaru Kengo. He appears gentle but has an unwavering belief in Security #4. He was a former security police in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

Uda Manabu (99.9 ~ Keiji Senmon Bengoshi, Borderline)

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