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Miyoshi Mitsu who works at an eye clinic as an administrator, is asked to go out by a patient called Watanabe Ryota. He is a nice man who puts her first and they have the same taste in food. Even though he is completely different from the popular guys she had dated in the past, she feels comfortable with him. He even cares about her mother who runs a bar in her hometown and is dedicated to his job. He is a good catch as a husband and she could not have asked for anything more. But her first love is Arishima Koki whom she liked in elementary and junior high school. The one who moved out one day without telling her. After that, Mitsu had dated men who look like Arishima and even now, her eyes still unintentionally follow men who resemble him. During junior high school, she was told by a fortune teller that she should marry her second love and this has remained in her mind all this while. When she revisits the fortune teller, she is once again told that she should marry her second love to be happy … … Wanting to be happy, Mitsu decides to get married to Ryota and they receive blessings from many people. She thinks that lots of women get a happy marriage as they compromise somewhere to get married but … … One day, Mitsu happens to meet Arishima Koki whom she believed was the man of her destiny on the way back from a drinking party. Her heart begins to shake greatly.

Haru as Watanabe Mitsu
She works as a medical administrator at an eye clinic. She overreacts and has a reckless character. She was in love with her classmate Arishima Koki during junior high school and assumed that she would get married to him. So she had a shock when she was told by a fortune teller that it would be better if she marries the second person she likes. After she graduated from junior high school, she and Arishima grew apart and she got married to Watanabe Ryota whom came to the clinic as a patient. She is strangely reunited with Arishima just when she is happily married.

Higashide Masahiro as Watanabe Ryota
Watanabe Mitsu’s husband. He works in the general affairs department of an interior design company.He went to the eye clinic because of a sty. That was where he fell in love with Mitsu at first sight and they got married. He is good at cooking and is a perfect man who loves his wife. Although he catches Mitsu’s transparent lie after her reunion with Arishima Koki, he does his very best to maintain a happy marriage but because he loves her too much, he ends up stealthily peering at her smartphone and interfering. He gradually has a mental breakdown as a result of this and transforms into a man who is madly in love.

Suzuki Nobuyuki as Arishima Koki
Watanabe Mitsu’s junior high school classmate. Handsome and popular, he liked cute girls but was attracted to the plain Reika during high school. They started dating after graduation and got married. He happens to meet Mitsu again while Reika goes back to her hometown for the birth of their child. Although family basically comes first, he is vulnerable to pleading because he is kind and easily moved.

Naka Riisa as Arishima Reika
Arishima Koki’s wife. She has a plain appearance but is a sensible person and does not fawn on people Her parents lived separately because of her father’s affair and life was tough during her student days. At that time, it was Arishima who supported her. She had been working as a civil servant but became a full-time housewife after she got married. She is expecting a child and goes back to her hometown.

Aso Yumi as Miyoshi Etsuko
Watanabe Mitsu’s mother. She runs a bar in Yokohama’s Motomachi district. She raised Mitsu as a single mother while she made a living from her regular old customers. Mitsu is thankful to her mother but desperately hopes she will be happy and not like her mother. She does not mince her words and is on very good terms with her son-in-law.

Yoshida Tomoko (Damena Watashi ni Koi Shite Kudasai, Dr DMAT)

Original Work
Anata no Koto wa Sore Hodo by Ikuemi Aya

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