Sakurako-san no Sokka ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru


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From 9.00 p.m., Sundays, 23 April 2017

Fuji TV

Beautiful Kujo Sakurako is the daughter of a distinguished family. However, she loves bones more than her three meals a day, which is a preference that is difficult for the average person to understand. Sakurako learned forensic medicine during high school and has made osteology her profession. As one of the few osteologists in Japan, she receives requests from museums as well as research and education institutes and reconstructs animal bones in her studio every day. One day, a museum’s technical assistant Tatewaki Shotaro visits the mansion where Sakurako lives with her housekeeper. Shotaro has come on the orders of the museum director and greets Sakurako for the first time but is ignored. She casts a sideward glance at the bewildered Shotaro and puts her hand back in the tray where she had left the bones that the museum had asked her to reconstruct. Shotaro is shocked by the exposed bones and completely ready to back away. Sakurako questions him about the place where the bones were found and tells him to take her there. He gets the location from museum staff Shikura Airi and is instructed by the curator Isozaki Itsuki to take photos of a rare flowering plant. Then he heads into the mountains in a car driven by Sakurako. Once they arrive, Sakurako walks around the mountain and brush off fallen leaves and soil as she starts searching for something. She eventually stops in her tracks. A human skeleton is front of them. Shotaro is scared stiff and steps back. However, Sakurako has an ecstatic expression as she marvels at how wonderful the skeleton is Detectives Yamaji Teruhiko and Kondo Takuya arrive as a result of Shotaro’s call. However, they say that without details, they will not be able to investigate because all that is left of the dead body is its skeletal remains. However, Sakurako reels off the estimated time of death, age, gender and dominant hand. Then she tells the surprised detectives she is most concerned about the teeth … … Sakurako encounters all sorts of cases with Shotaro. Focusing on the details of the dead bodies and the crime scenes, she unravels the mysteries with her expertise hearing the “voice” of bones.

Mizuki Arisa as Kujo Sakurako
A very sadistic osteologist. She loves bones more than her three meals a day. She is a typical lady brought up in a wealthy family. Even though she looks beautiful, her tone is tough and rough. She cannot read situations, does not care at all what other people around her think and also makes them shrink away from her because of her outspoken, off-colour remarks. She pushes Tatewaki Shotaro around to her heart’s content as if it is not already enough, and forces him to take action together.

Fujigaya Taisuke as Tatewaki Shotaro
A very masochistic technical assistant who works for the Natural Forest Museum. He has a strong sense of justice, is a kind, pure young man with common sense. He cannot tell lies and his thoughts will end up showing on his face. Mystery novels are his favourite but he is a terribly timid person. In his heart, he is glad that his job of entering data into the computer is the main office work, but he does not dislike being at the beck and call of the very sadistic Kujo Sakurako.

Shinkawa Yua as Shikura Airi
An assistant curator of Natural Forest Museum. She is a bright and energetic young lady who is the life of the staff room. She has loved fossils since a long time ago. She is scared of dreading Kujo Sakurako, but through Tatewaki Shotaro, she gradually gets lost in Sakurako’s surreal charm. She flusters Shotaro because she keeps little distance from people, and there is even a slight hint of romance … …

Takashima Masahiro as Yamaji Teruhiko
A detective of Happo Police Precinct. He looks like a cheerful, enthusiastic detective but is actually ambitious. Once there is a case, he will have a serious look. He has a strong sense of justice and hates both crime and criminals. Although Kujo Sakurako causes problems by disregarding rules, he cannot complain about being reliant on her. It seems that he is only making use of Sakurako, but in his heart he respects her.

Kamikawa Takaya as Isozaki Itsuki
The senior curator of the Natural Forest Museum. He usually does not seem enthusiastic about work. But he is a geek who will get excited once he is in front of a rare plant species. His private life is a complete mystery and he has a unique view of the world and values. He also strangely understands Kujo Sakurako maybe because he identifies with her geekiness. As an expert on plants, he supports Sakurako and Tatewaki Shotaro from behind the scenes.

Yamaoka Junpei (Zenigata Keibu Series, Gin to Kin)

Original Work
Sakurako-san no Sokka ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru by Ota Shiori

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