Fuji TV Drama Special 2017 ~ Drama Mysteries ~ Karisuma Shotenin ga Erabu Shugyoku no Issatsu

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From 9.00 p.m., 22 April 2017

Tsuma no Onna Tomodachi
Story: Hironaka Hajime (Oizumi Yo) is a registrar at the municipal office. He has been living modestly with his wife Shizuko (Toda Naho) and their 3-year-old daughter Chiemi. Once work is over, the serious, devoted Hironaka will immediately go back home to enjoy the company of his family. One night, Shizuko’s university schoolmate Tada Miyuki (Takaoka Saki) comes all of a sudden. She is a celebrity who suddenly became popular as a female writer. After their nostalgic reunion, Miyuki asks Shizuko whether she can come to her own apartment once a week to clean and cook if she is free since she is a full-time housewife. Miyuki, who seems to have come from another world, fills Hironaka with loathing. He feels sorry for his wife who is being treated like a housekeeper and this feeds his desire to get rid of Miyuki. Then Shizuko’s mother collapses in her hometown. Shizuko goes to see her and takes their daughter to stay over. That is when Hironaka gets into action … …
Cast: Oizumi Yo, Takaoka Saki, Toda Naho

Story: Kuramoto Aki (Tsuchiya Tao) is a salesgirl at an accessory shop. She has been dating her classmate Ueda Shun (Inowaki Kai) after graduating from high school but suspects him of being unfaithful after seeing his exchanges with a girl he does not know on social media. Aki and Shun meet Kayano Toko (Kishii Yukino), whom they were good friends with in high school, again after their graduation three years ago. Toko notices that Aki still has the small bottle she had exchanged as a gift with Aki at their graduation ceremony and the two of them hug emotionally. Then Aki reveals to Toko that she is pregnant with Shun’s child. However, she cannot bring herself to tell Shun about her pregnancy because she has not been able to brush off her suspicions about him … … Their high school was closed down last year and Shun asks the two of them to go and take a look before it is demolished. Someone takes unexpected action at the high school filled with memories. Then the truth of an incident which happened four years earlier becomes known and a shocking end awaits the three of them … …
Cast: Tsuchiya Tao, Kishii Yukino, Inowaki Kai

Nasake wa Hito no …
Story: Kitagawa Kenji (Mukai Osamu) is a part-time bartender. One night, a middle-aged man called Akahori (Ozawa Yukiyoshi) comes to the bar alone. He says he had worked at Tsukahara Industries not long ago. Kenji is asked if he knows the company. Kenji cannot be unaware because his biological father is Tsukahara Mikio, the company president of Tsukahara Industries, even though he was raised single-handedly by his mother Kiyo (Ichige Yoshie) who passed away several years ago. His father had abandoned Kiyo who was once his mistress and his son Kenji. Akahori rages about seeking revenge against Tsukahara. He knows that Kenji is in need of money and asks if he will lend support. His objective is to kidnap Tsukahara’s 10-year-old son Masahiko (Onishi Riku). Kenji wants to settle scores with his father who forsook his mother and him and agrees. The two of them later kidnap the boy and hide him in his own villa. While Akahori moves to obtain the ransom money from Tsukahara, Kenji keeps an eye on Masahiko. However, Masahiko says something unexpected, “I don’t think dad will pay money for my sake. I’m not his real child.” Kenji asks Akahori who says Masahiko’s mother was with another man before she married Tsukahara and Masahiko is her child. Tsukahara naturally knows about this too. Tsukahara cares about his public image and dotes on Masahiko, but once his wife dies, it is understood that the boy will be treated as a nuisance. Kenji is concerned that Tsukahara will not pay but Akahori asserts that he will, “The money he pays is not money to keep the boy alive.” Kenji cannot even voice his surprise. Akahori goes on to tell him that he is not the mastermind. The mastermind pulling the strings behind this grand scheme is someone Kenji would never expect.
Cast: Mukai Osamu, Ozawa Yukiyoshi, Onishi Riku, Ichige Yoshie

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