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From 9.00 p.m., Mondays, 17 April 2017

Fuji TV

The noble detective is a complete enigma. Everything about him such as his real name, occupation and age are a mystery besides the fact that he seems to be upper class. He does not appear to work. He is always stylish in appearance, gentlemanly in demeanour and attends to “ladies first”. Sleuthing is his pastime and he goes to the crime scenes on a whim to lead the resolution of mysterious cases. But he dismisses it as a chore that should be left to his servants – driver Sato, maid Tanaka and butler Yamamoto – and delights in chatting with the women involved in cases, which earns him stunned, contemptuous looks from the people around him. And so it is his loyal butler Yamamoto, maid Tanaka and chauffeur Sato who carry out the investigations. Rookie detective Kotoku Aika frequently happens to be on the same cases as the aristocratic detective. She looks up to female sleuth Kitami Kiriko as the mentor who inspired her to become an investigator and works for her office. Although Aika is starting out in this profession, she has more pride and conviction in it than anyone else. This is why she is repulsed by the noble detective’s way of doing things and keeps scrambling to crimes scenes in an attempt to solve the cases before him. One day, Aika is invited by Yoriko, an important client and the daughter of the Tamamura family, to a party at Yoriko’s villa. When Aika arrives, she is met by Yoriko who had already held her party last night with the friends gathered there but Aika does not care. Yoriko talks to Aika about a well hiding a monster in the basement of the villa. According to legend, dead bodies thrown into the old well have ended up disappearing. Aika half forces Yoriko to show her around but there is the dead body of a party guest at the side of the well … … And countless bloody footprints around it. Aika contacts the police after confirming the scene of the crime. Assistant Inspector Hanagawa Raiu soon shows up, accompanied by his subordinate Tsunemi Shingo and gathers the party guests in a room. It is believed from the circumstances of the murder that the suspect is someone who has been at the villa since last night. Does this mean that the suspect is among them right now? Then a butler called Yamamoto who has come as a messenger for his master, makes an appearance. He guides everyone to a huge pavillion which has been erected in the garden. The noble detective appears in front of the stunned group and declares that he will solve this case himself.

Aiba Masaki as Aristocratic Detective
His age, nationality, family, occupation, academic background, address and even real name are unknown. He is a gentleman completely shrouded in mystery besides the fact that he was born to an upper class family of good lineage. His pastime is playing detective. He is called the noble detective by sensible people and his ability to solve cases is high society gossip.

Takei Emi as Kotoku Aika
A rookie detective who looks up to the famous Kitami Kiriko as her model. She is unpretentious and can speak freely with anyone. However, she can also unwittingly offend people because she tends to simply say what she thinks. She has better powers of observation and deduction than other people.

Namase Katsuhisa as Hanagata Raiu
A senior detective of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police’s First Investigative Division. He possesses a basic sense of justice as a police officer but is very ambitious. It is his own personal desire, if anything, to be rich and popular, and this is his greatest motivation. His encounter with the noble detective at a crime scene completely changes his life.

Igawa Haruka as Kitami Kiriko
A former detective whom Kotoku Aika idolises. She taught Aika the basics of being a detective. A mysterious woman who once lost a showdown with the noble detective and later met a mysterious death … …

Takito Kenichi as Sato
He possesses fighting power that is notable for a chauffeur. He never falters even if the criminal is a martial artist and prides himself in his physical strength which can put anyone down in the blink of an eye. He is the driver and at the same time is always on the lookout for danger as the noble detective’s bodyguard.

Nakayama Miho as Tanaka
She is the maid at any time and her job is to make English tea. The noble detective praises her for brewing the best tea. She is usually reserved but has a deep love and knowledge of pop culture. She will get talkative once this topic is raised.

Matsushige Yutaka as Yamamoto
His family has been butlers for generations and served the noble detective’s clan. He will pick up on what the noble detective wishes for even if he is not told. He is impartial with everyone and treats them gently. However, because he is rather laid back, he has the habit of beginning with a long introduction.

Kuroiwa Tsutomu (Boku no Yabai Tsuma, Samurai Sensei, Yokoso Wagaya e)

Original Work
Kizoku Tantei by Maya Yutaka

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