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Kosaka Shinichiro, the head of the First Homicide Section in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division, is called the undisputed future chief of the division because of his capability. He has solved a third investigation task force case this year. Kosaka’s sights are set on heading the division for the sake of his father who had been a perpetual detective in a police precinct, his wife Misa and himself. One day, when he is dining at a fancy Japanese restaurant with Mikasa Yohei, the former head of the First Investigative Division and current chief of a police precinct, in the name of celebration, Onoda Yoshinobu, the current head of the First Investigative Division, shows up. Mikasa and Onoda’s appreciation of their outstanding subordinate Kosaka is the one thing they share in common. But they are on bad terms because of mutual differences in investigation theory. After the meal, Kosaka interrogates Nakata Ryuichi, the boss of a small business, in front of the restaurant on suspicion of drink driving and happens to end up scratching Nakata’s car. The next morning, a major news site carries the story with the headline “Drunk detective damages car”. Kosaka is summoned by Yanagisawa Hajime who investigates wrongdoing by police officers, and is questioned whether he did the interrogation right after the party. He stays silent but his superior, Onoda, is summoned. Kosaka ends up getting demoted to a police precinct for damaging the reputation of the police, based on the account of Onoda, who has had nothing but a high regard for him all this while. When he arrives at the police precinct, Nakata Kazumasa, the president of Japan’s largest IT company, has been kidnapped and the kidnapper is demanding ransom. Kosaka tries to investigate the case like when he was in the First Investigative Division, but he is given a warning by Yamada Haruhiko who had been his subordinate until now, “The precinct is logistical support. Please leave the investigation to us.” He is only left with problematic but righteous precinct detectives who tackle even small cases. Although Kosaka agonises about his duty as a detective and true justice, he begins to stand up to “evil”. Will he be able to overcome his predicament and stage a comeback to the First Investigative Division?

Hasegawa Hiroki as Kosaka Shinichiro
The deputy head of Shiba Police Precinct’s Criminal Affairs Division and former chief of the First Homicide Investigation Section at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. He has moved ahead in his career at remarkable speed and is the youngest Inspector in the history of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He has also solved numerous criminal cases worth of the Police Commissioner’s Award after he joined the First Investigative Division five years ago. With the outstanding results that he has achieved, his future is promising. However, one day, he happens to scratch the car of the president of a small business whom he had interrogated on suspicion of drink driving, on the way back from a meal with Mikasa Yohei. The next morning, a major news site carries the story “Drunk detective damages car”. His life crashes all of a sudden as a result of this incident. His goal in the future is to be the head of the First Investigative Division.

Okada Masaki as Yamada Haruhiko
The driver to the head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division (This is an appointment for someone with a promising future). A graduate of Tokyo University’s faculty of law. He did not choose the path of a career officer for some purpose and deliberately entered the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department as a non-career detective. His father is the Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary. Kosaka Shinichiro believes solving cases and producing results are the work of detectives and lead to career progression, but he has shrewder calculation. He understands the structure of the police organisation. He gives all credit to his superiors and skillfully uses them to avoid getting involved in investigations that will lead to failure and those that he sees as a waste of time.

Yoshine Kyoko as Mishima Yuri
An employee of the Personnel Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Police Affairs Department. A newcomer who joined the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department because she wants to become a police dog breeder that she watched in a TV drama when she was a child. Although her wish is to be a dog handler, she is first assigned to a department in charge of general affairs which is completely different from where she wants to be. She watches the power struggles which unfurl with doubt in her eyes and questions what is justice to the police. She met Kosaka Shinichiro when she was training and adores Kosaka who was the only one who rooted her while the people around her made fun of her dream.

Yasuda Ken as Watabe Hisashi
A detective of Shiba Police Precinct’s Criminal Affairs Division. Rank: Sergeant. He is a detective who worked his way up from the frontline. He has no interest in his appearance and his worn out shoes are his trademark. He also has no interest in career progression and is considered problematic by the people around him because he acts independently relying on his intuition. He prides himself in his own righteousness and fact that he is a detective of a police precinct, and opposes Kosaka Shinichiro who has come from the headquarters.

Suruga Taro as Fujikura Ryoichi
The head of the Second Homicide Investigation Section at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. He joined the police force at the same time as Kosaka Shinichiro. They confide in each other and are good rivals. Although he is ambitious, he openly declares, “I’m jumping on Kosaka’s bandwagon”.

Ichikawa Mikako as Kosaka Misa
Kosaka Shinichiro’s wife. A full-time housewife. They live in housing for civil servants and she has been supporting her husband’s hard work. She wields the real power at home and even Kosaka is no match for her once he gets home.

Kiba Katsumi as Kosaka Atsushi
Kosaka Shinichiro’s father. He used to be a police officer and was also Onoda Yoshinobu’s boss. His dream is for Shinichiro to become the head of the First Investigative Division but … …

Shunputei Shota as Mikasa Yohei
The chief of Shiba Police Precinct and the head of its First Investigative Division (The head of a precinct is the next post for the head of the First Investigative Division). He won the promotion exam and was the head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division before Onoda Yoshinobu. An elite among the elites. He has been promised a position at the top of the Metropolitan Police Department after he steps down. He favours Kosaka Shinichiro and also is the person who pulled him to the First Investigative Division. He differs with Onoda on investigation theory and the two men get on like oil and water.

Kagawa Teruyuki as Onoda Yoshinobu
The 74th head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. Although he is a non-career officer who graduated from high school, he worked his way up to the top to become the highest ranking officer in command of crime scenes. He was once a subordinate of Kosaka Shinichiro’s father Atsushi and promoted because he earned his trust. He is the charismatic leader of 300,000 police officers nationwide. He prides himself in having got to where he is by relying on his instincts. Even though he acknowledges Kosaka more than anyone else, one day he showed up after hearing from somewhere that Mikasa Yohei had dined together with Kosaka, and he was later questioned by an Inspector of Police Affairs, Yanagisawa Hajime, whether Kosaka drank at that meal. At that moment, he … …

Ushio Kentaro (Mutsuu, Heat, Take Five)
Yaitsu Hiroyuki (Suisho no Kodou, Kaseifu no Mitazono)

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